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This Wednesday, the Vice-President of Microsoft announces a great new collaboration between Microsoft and Klaxoon. In announcing the interoperability between their tools, Microsoft and Klaxoon are shaking up the world of teamwork. Now, millions of Microsoft and Klaxoon users will be able to enjoy a more fluid experience, while benefiting from new uses revealed by the connection of the two technologies including Artificial Intelligence functionalities.

This project originated from an observation shared by both companies regarding the evolution of corporate collaborative solutions: Yes, they must be simple, efficient, and accessible at any time; but they must also work together to allow their users to make best use of their innovations. Now, users of Microsoft's Teams platform (design for team collaboration with features such as functionalities of sharing and editing documents, videoconferencing, and instant messaging) will have easy access to the entire suite of apps created by Klaxoon, the creator of teamwork productivity tools like Brainstorm, Quiz, Survey, or Challenges, which radically improve the efficiency of meetings.Users will have the option to benefit from Azure cloud hosting capacities. But that's not all. Discussions between the two companies' R&D teams went beyond the subject of interoperability to explore new dimensions. On Wednesday, November 7, at Microsoft Experiences18, in the presence of Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice-President Windows, the teams in Rennes (Klaxoon) and Seattle (Microsoft) revealed a new function based on artificial intelligence that enriches Klaxoon's Brainstorm with suggested actions towards third party platforms. Ideas shared in Brainstorm are analysed in real time to suggest actions: organise a meeting, change a process, create a task, etc. With Klaxoon's Suggestions, you go from idea to action at the click of a button.

This is a great example of collaboration between two champions of teamwork that really epitomises the two companies' policy of openness.Microsoft's vice president, Joe Belfiore, himself announces this great news during the annual plenary session.

This collaboration with Microsoft is a new step for Klaxoon, explains Klaxoon's CEO, Matthieu Beucher. It shows that the work revolution, driven by new collaborative tools, is now more than ever a universal challenge. The future of work is collaborative. Indeed, the progress announced today is the fruit of great teamwork between our respective R&D teams in Rennes and Seattle. It's a collaboration that proves once again that this revolution knows no borders.This collaboration also confirms the strategy of openness that is central to Klaxoon's approach, which was based from the get-go on 100% web-based and interoperable technologies. Our capacity to be interconnected will unleash these new tools' potential for as many people as possible.
We are pleased to offer our know-how and our expertise to support the development of Klaxoon and their services, says Carole Bénichou, Director of the Microsoft 365 division. The combination of our 3 Clouds, our strategy of openness and our artificial intelligence solutions are all assets to enable them to reinvent work processes by stimulating collaboration, to the satisfaction of their customers.

Through this new partnership, Klaxoon is pursuing its policy of opening its tools up to every environment and device, with the steadfast aim of making the most efficient collaborative methods accessible to as many people as possible. In 2017, for example, the company signed partnerships to launch its MeetingBoard solution. The interoperability between Klaxoon's tools and Microsoft Office 365's Teams suite will enable millions of users of both ecosystems to improve teamwork within their organisations and collaborate more quickly and more efficiently.

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