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Julien onboards his clients in an Agile workshop thanks to SpeedBoat

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Julien Gouëllo
Creativity Manager, Abylon Veolia

Creativity manager within the consulting firm Abylon, Julien is one of the first Klaxoon certified! He especially accompanies the territorial collectivities in the implementation of their innovation and digital transformation projects, by sharing a culture, tools and methods with them. Julien uses Klaxoon daily to enhance both expertise and performance and to develop a collaborative culture with his clients. One example? Julien facilitates remotely collective intelligence activities with SpeedBoat, which is an Agile method and a true continuous improvement tool. In 30 minutes, around fifty people, specialized in IT, share their vision and their ideas with the metaphor of the boat. With Board, Julien gathers some feedback easily and quickly identifies the actions to take.

The boat metaphor to facilitate a continuous improvement workshop

When the remote workshop starts, Julien asks the participants to send their ideas on the SpeedBoat image by following a legend: in yellow the objectives represented by the island, in green the simplifications pushed by the wind, in blue the obstacles held back by the anchor. Julien even adapts the method by adding in red false good ideas illustrated with a mermaid. In 30 minutes, the team shared its feedback and can now move on to the action plan!

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