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Françoise Le Deist
Head of digital at Klaxoon

In charge of the digital division, Françoise manages the creation of web pages. She uses Board as a single support to coordinate the different teams working on this project. From the creation of the pages to their release online, the whole team follows on the Board the project's development and can move forward in parallel. It saves time for the entire team!

From wireframe to production launch

To imagine new web pages, Françoise opens a Board to all the multi-teams participants: webdesigners, developers, photograph... Once the first stakes are posed, each member can work on their bit. They all have a global vision of the project and its progress, in live. To have more fluidity, even when the team is working remotely, the members call out to each other with Questions in order not avoid any sticking points. By doing so, no more versioning problems and a lot of time is saved! In only 2 days, the team designs the wireframes (from macrozoning pages, to developing contents and choosing medias), gathers the developed pages and manages the production launched.

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