What's on your radar: a radar to organize and visualize priorities


What's on your radar

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Good visibility is what we often lack when it comes to embarking on a new project or taking on a topic with confidence. This “What's on your radar” method helps you make sure you have all your options covered. As a team, simply share your ideas and actions in a visual workspace, and make a structured map that highlights the most important ones to address.

What's on your radar: effective priority management

Whether you are starting a new project or prioritizing your actions, it's better to know where you're going and to define the right objectives for you and your team. In short, a radar is what you need to structure your teamwork! 

The What's on your radar method belongs to design thinking, and is designed to quickly identify and classify the priorities to be addressed in your project management. On site or remotely, you can set this ready-to-use whiteboard to centralize as many ideas as possible in relation with your subject, to make sure you don't forget anything.

This brainstorming technique gives each project stakeholder the opportunity to express themselves and put forward their expertise. By simply placing your ideas on the radar represented on the online whiteboard, you have an overview of all the aspects you need to consider. Then, you just have to rank them in order of importance, following the team's feedback. And you are ready to go, having all the information you need to move forward efficiently!

Like all methods developed from design thinking, What's on your radar allows you to adopt a human-centered approach and, in the case of many projects, focused on your end user. This structured team thinking will allow you to better clarify your issues and define your problem, as well as your objectives. So, are you ready to turn on your radar?

By placing your ideas in order of importance on the radar, the actions that need to be completed first stand out naturally.

Why use this task prioritization tool?

When approaching a topic for the first time, it is important to understand it at all levels. However, sometimes you don’t have access to the most important information at the right moment, or the subjectivity of the stakeholders can distort the issues or problems to be addressed.

With the What's on your radar template, you immediately lay the groundwork for framing your project and its priorities. You can choose to gather all the stakeholders directly on your Board by videoconference, or let them follow the exchanges asynchronously. In both cases, you know that everyone involved has access to the information and can react to it in a seamless manner.

With this visual management tool, you can also be sure that your priority matrix will resonate with your context and your needs, whatever they may be. On the template, here are a few actions you can easily do: 

  • Customize the categories of topics to be covered;
  • Add and edit color-coded legends as desired;
  • Easily create additional shapes (for example, to add granularity to the prioritization levels);
  • Import processes, reference documents or media to help your team in their reflection.

In addition, your whiteboard is the ideal place to keep track of your thinking, and to make it evolve simply when you learn about new input in your project. If you doubt, you can directly question the people of the team you want on the Board, thanks to a Question that you can attach to any idea. 

And for an efficient decision-making, this same visual space allows the team to vote directly for the ideas to be prioritized, thanks to the "Like" button or the dot-voting feature.

How to use Klaxoon's What's on your radar matrix

Start by sharing your Board with people on your team, or other teams, who might be able to provide valuable information about your project. To do this, start your activity using the button at the top right: generate an access code to share your Board via a link, or invite participants to join directly with their email address.

Then, go to the "Ideas Box" area on the whiteboard. Click on the "Follow Me" button on the left to activate the Board Sync. The rest of the team will then be able to automatically position themselves where you are. 

In this brainstorming area, ask participants to add any ideas they have about the project: 

  • Other possible stakeholders to be involved
  • Actions to be taken
  • Background information to keep in mind
  • Any other additional information

You can think together in a room or by video, thanks to the integrated Live tool, or asynchronously according to your availability. In the latter case, don't forget to specify a deadline for adding ideas, to make sure you don't miss any information.

Then, move to the circular space of the radar. Following the ideas generated by the team, name categories in which it would be relevant to classify them, and apply your color code to them. This will allow you to divide the radar into different parts. Within each category, move your ideas from the brainstorming area in order of importance: 

  • Closest to the center of the circle: ideas of primary importance, the highest priority.
  • In the middle area: ideas of secondary importance.
  • In the outer area of the circle: ideas of tertiary importance, the lowest priority at this stage of the brainstorming.

This way, you get a clear mapping of the information that needs to be taken into account, in order to ensure that your project runs smoothly. For your team, it is also an opportunity to learn more about some parts of the project that they might not otherwise have had access to. All stakeholders are aligned, and everyone leaves the meeting with a clear vision of the actions to be taken!

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