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Over 2,000 people at the Première of Klaxoon3

By Matthieu, November 28, 2018
On November 20th, over 2,000 participants – from diverse business profiles – came to the Centre Pompidou, museum in central Paris, to discover Klaxoon3 and “Questions”, the new tool in Klaxoon’s 1 million users-strong suite of collaborative apps.
Klaxoon Pompidou
Première of Klaxoon3, at Centre Pompidou museum in Paris.

Over 2,000 people were intrigued by Klaxoon’s latest milestone event, with countless inspiring and spontaneous testimonials about their experience. We would like to thank you all for your presence, your smiles, and your enthusiasm.

Another big move for @Klaxoonfr, which is pushing digital uses further in service of collective intelligence! Can’t wait to download the app!
Klaxoon au Centre Pompidou
A team-designed mise en scene using Klaxoon’s tools.

This immersive experience, at the crossroads of art, technology, and neuroscience, represents a turning point in the collaborative revolution. By following a Klaxoon participant’s typical journey through this exhibition, visitors had the chance to better understand the thinking process and ideas put in the design of this new version.

klaxoon evenement Centre Pompidou

Première of Klaxoon3 was fully booked with over 2,000 people registered in just a few hours.

With the accumulated experience of Klaxoon1 and Klaxoon2, enriched by years of research and the compilation of recent studies, Klaxoon3 offers powerful tools to improve teamwork effectiveness.

We have been with Klaxoon since the beginning, but what a leap forward with this third version and the impressive mise en scene at the beautiful Centre Pompidou.
Arbre à questions
The ability to ask questions and obtain replies is the basis of collective intelligence.

Questions is the quickest, simplest, and more efficient tool to ask engaging questions with your team and create daily interactions.

It all starts with a question…

The new Brainstorm is the most powerful tool on the market to collaborate in real time with your team. Every participant can now interact directly with the board.

Klaxoon new Brainstorm
Klaxoon Brainstorm, the fully participative board.

And with its brand new app, available for download on iOS and Android, boosted by its notification system designed to stimulate group work and decision-making, Klaxoon brings another dimension to teamwork.

Imagine a world without emails, without endless voicemails. Information stored in the right place, shared with the right people : a dream coming true. Imagine a giant chat room, but instead of artificial intelligence you have the power of collective intelligence providing answers. Hats off to Klaxoon! Not easy to come up with this in today’s era of AI.

Throughout the evening, in the Centre Pompidou’s mythical, avant-garde theme, participants contributed to the creation of a collective work of art. This collective artwork is breaking boundaries and shaping the future of teamwork.

Everything has been built around the idea of a collective masterpiece, i.e. improving the ability of organizations to stimulate collective intelligence[…] Let’s never stop asking questions.
More than 2,000 people interacting with Klaxoon3.

This collective masterpiece’s impact has been heard well beyond the walls of the Centre Pompidou, with countless reactions on social media sent from around the world. Klaxoon3 promises to be a turning point for teamwork.

We are all impatient to see you build your own collective masterpieces with the new Klaxoon. Our team is primed and ready to help you to hit the ground running in 2019.

Hundreds of visitor portraits made up this new Brainstorm which reads “There are collective masterpieces”.
By Matthieu, founder & CEO at Klaxoon