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America has a lot of meetings, 55 million a day in fact

By Charles, February 21, 2019
America has a lot of meetings, 55 million a day in fact. We spend about 15 hours a week in meetings. That’s a lot! “Meetings matter” but remain the number 1 most complained about activity within companies. But when done right, meetings are an opportunity to transform and boost engagement, inclusion, innovation and return on investment.

Meetings done wrong have a tremendous dollar cost, and can increase disengagement. The lowest quality meetings in a day are proven to drain employee effectiveness and can at times lead to meeting recovery syndrome amongst teams.

Klaxoon, adopted by millions in 120 countries, is currently bringing the Meeting Revolution to the USA on a 11-week, 16-city tour. Along the way we’ll be sharing invaluable insights and tips on meetings, collaboration and teamwork efficiency through workshops and keynotes by Klaxoon experts, industry leaders and researchers.

One of the researcher’s taking part in Klaxoon’s Teamwork Tour is Dr. Steven G. Rogelberg, Chancellor’s Professor at UNC with 100 publications and over 100 invited speeches/colloquiums addressing issues such as team effectiveness, leadership, engagement, health and employee well-being, meetings at work, and organizational research methods.

In his latest book, “The Surprising Science of Meetings: How You Can Lead Your Team to Peak Performance”, Steven shares numerous evidence base solutions for better meetings. He’ll share those and more during Klaxoon’s Teamwork tour events on February 21st, in Washington DC and March 5th in Houston.

Here is a sneak peek

Steven’s research states that the most successful meeting leaders have something in common. They have a steward mindset; they embrace the notions that they are a steward of others time. They make purposeful choses about who is attending, who is not and why. Facilitating meetings that honor people’s time by monitoring how long they last while also making sure everyone has a voice.
Most meetings last one hour because that is the standard default calendar setting. Determining, adjusting and shortening allotted time adds needed pressure that leads to greater meeting focus.
Challenge yourself to be unconventional, and not fall into old habits like assigned seating which creates similar communication patterns. Don’t be afraid to leverage polling and quizzes to help build consensus for decision making. Try brainstorming in silence, research shows when you do, you get twice as many ideas and they tend to be more creative.

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By Charles, Head of Marketing International
Charles is Head of International Marketing at Klaxoon since 2016. Passionate about the Future of Work, Digital Transformation, and all things about Brittany, he can either be found criss-crossing the US attesting to the power of a collaborative workplace, drinking coffee on the Klaxoon Campus, or sailing in the Golfe du Morbihan.