A direct access to Dropbox files in Klaxoon for a seamless collaboration experience

Preparing your next Session, Quiz or Survey has never been that easy with our Dropbox integration.

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An efficient way to be organized

Stay organized by keeping your team's files in one place. Attach Dropbox files to the Klaxoon Workshop Studio to ensure you have easy access to the right files to finalize your Klaxoon activities in the blink-of-an-eye!

Dropbox integration directly into the Klaxoon Studio

A one-click access for your files

Access and browse easily your entire library of Dropbox files from your Klaxoon Studio. Whatever the Klaxoon activity you are looking to design (Quiz, Memo, Survey, Session, etc.), all your documents are accessible in one click for a more seamless work experience.

A survey is launched: "Dropbox and Klaxoon connect! what do you think?"

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