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In companies, collectivities and organizations resonates the echo of a profound revolution which is betting on the power of teamwork.

"The times they are a-changin’", prophesied Bob Dylan in 1964. He announced in his text all the political and social disruptions that would lead to revolutions all over the world a few years later. From this spirit was born revolutionary ambitions from young technology enthusiasts, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak or Bill Gates. For the last example, the revolution consisted of putting a computer in every home, in every office. And then came the revolution of networking, and the Internet. Nothing would ever be the same again, at work or at home. Most often, it’s after the fact that we acknowledge a revolution for what it was and measure its reach. The tools created from these first technological revolutions would allow us to publish, calculate, store and exchange information more efficiently. But could we predict, using the first spreadsheets and document editing software, that it was more than performance: it was the entire way we worked that would be completely reinvented?

Think about the future of teamwork

This is also the case for the revolution that is turning collaboration and the way we interact in meetings on its head. A meeting is not just an event in your calendar. It’s a tool, a science, a significant moment that conditions not just the performance of an organization but the personal fulfillment of the team members.By opening its first Klaxoon Store in Paris, Klaxoon is representing teamwork with flying colors. The future of work is also the future of the millions of people who aspire to be more engaged, to exchange, to share their knowledge and to act upon it all while taking pleasure in collaborating. Giving the keys and the tools to the greatest possible number of individuals to help make a better world is more than an important case. It’s a necessary condition to go from idea to action.

Rendez-vous at the Klaxoon Store!

A revolution to be joined right now at the Klaxoon Store

The Klaxoon Store is a place open to all who wish to think about their future as a team. A place where everyone can easily discover, test, purchase, be trained or share their experience with the community.

The Klaxoon Store

Inside the Klaxoon Store are several areas:

  • In the Shop, you can discover the latest innovations by Klaxoon, but also third-party products and publications on teamwork and collaborative intelligence.
  • In the Studio, you have an area reserved for testing our tools, experimenting with new techniques and the training of Klaxoon with our team.
  • The upstairs Auditorium is dedicated to demos and thematic workshops. Users can participate in Workshops, discover Klaxoon’s features and perfect their collaboration techniques: agile methods, design thinking, active pedagogy, visual management…

Klaxoon Store, 67 rue de Richelieu, 75002 ParisMetro: Bourse - Palais Royal - Pyramides - Opéra – LouvreThe Klaxoon Store is open Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

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