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Starting a training session with an icebreaker to get to know each other

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Billy Fautrelle
Learning and Skills Development Partner, Orange

In charge of skills development, Billy organizes training for various groups of employees. He uses Klaxoon to make his sessions livelier. At the start of each session, he does a "Who's Who?" icebreaker using Brainstorm.

This activity, which comes from the field of Agile methods

It helps the participants warm up and connect with each other in the first few minutes, creating a climate that is conducive to learning. The aim is to guess who is hiding behind each anecdote, and thereby get to know each other.

For Billy, this is a vital part of the session, to get the training off the ground, and make everyone feel comfortable. So, he doesn't use a timer for this activity, the team takes however long is necessary!

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