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In the last few months, workshops have become the new standard that has been adopted by organizations to get things done. We have developed the Workshop Platform to empower all teams to easily organize efficient workshops. A one-stop-shop platform to help people deliver success together, wherever they are.

The workshop company |Klaxoon

The workshop revolution

Ever since the beginning of the Klaxoon adventure in 2015, we've dedicated all our energy to imagining and designing the tools that would allow teams to work more efficiently.

Millions of teams around the world now use Klaxoon daily in order to get in sync, share information, manage projects and come up with new ideas for products and services.

These past 18 months, the world has shown us how disruptive and innovative teamwork can be. By studying daily interactions amongst our community, we have reflected on those changes. Differentiating temporary behaviors such as handling emergencies from long-lasting trends that allow organizations to scale and truly transform themselves.

What we identified is a major shift in teamwork practices, noticing a 100x increase in the number of workshops being run across our entire platform. 10 million workshops have been conducted worldwide with Klaxoon tools. Workshops are quickly becoming a pillar of collaboration used daily in all areas of organizations. A revolution rooted in how we embrace our daily work differently: a shift towards a workshop-based approach to teamwork.

Workshops, once a rare occurrence within specialized groups, are now a daily routine for all types of jobs and organizations. Traditional meetings are being replaced by workshops as they are considered a more efficient way to get work done.

Nothing can resist the power of a team that works together efficiently

François Gabart's professional sailing team shifted to a workshop model. 

Quote Card François Gabart |Klaxoon

François is the record-holder for the fastest solo sailing race around the globe. But he's also the founder of MerConcept: a business of 60 employees working to design and manufacture high-performance sailing boats. 

Two years ago, François implemented a new approach by boosting teams’ interactions from a preliminary design, development phase to the operation stage for a new boat: MerConcept adopted a workshop model. 

Workshop after workshop, teams coordinate by sharing information through daily sync meetings and incorporating constant updates on teams’ progress. Beyond distance and random timelines, adopting a workshop approach allowed for better optimization of all interactions, between people, projects, and skillsets, as well as reaching new outstanding performances. 

Microsoft disrupts customer relationships in workshop mode.

Quote Card Rudy Dillenseger |Klaxoon

In order to better address the needs of their enterprise accounts, Microsoft came to realize that the way they were meeting with clients had to be completely revamped. 

Today, Microsoft’s customer relationship is being built through a continuous workshop-based process using Klaxoon. Microsoft's commercial team and their clients are moving forward together from needs identification, solutions design, feedback collection, or validation of options. This is all being done by either interacting face-to-face or remotely, in just a few minutes, or by communicating asynchronously. 

Today, over 2000 sales advisors at Microsoft apply a workshop model approach to their workday, using Klaxoon with clients spread all over the world. The outcomes are exceptional as Microsoft estimates it multiplied its sales by 4 using this approach. 

Eventually, shifting to a workshop mindset is:

- Collectively targeting common challenges

- Implementing continuous improvement into the workday

- Breaking organization's silos by developing cross-functional, internal, and external collaboration

- Building long-term relationships

- Offering the best possible vision to all contributors

Run efficient workshops with the workshop platform

The workshop company |Klaxoon

The workshop platform includes Klaxoon's legacy features as well as new tools to accomplish more in a hybrid environment while scaling efficiently to your entire organization.

  • Get things done

Run dynamic workshops with the objective of engaging 100% of your team while moving from ideation to action. Use chat and communications tools to enhance interactions, follow-up with teams, facilitate decision-making and set up project checkpoints. Gather feedback, secure next steps and share any type of information (documents, images, videos, presentations, spreadsheets…).

  • Make hybrid work

Drive subject matter workshops synchronously or asynchronously and enhance these workshops by utilizing the visual whiteboard, audio/visual communication, with low bandwidth consumption. Easily access the platform from any screen, any device, and broadcast to a wide audience with a single click. Turn any location to a proper and secured workshop area with our hardware solutions.

  • Scale efficiency

Download reports, analyses & statistics, and more within a centralized location. Excel from the best practices, with the virtual template library including hundreds of ready-to-go methods and tutorials. Keep the team informed about all the latest actions happening in their workshops with the visual and inspirational news feed.

The whole Klaxoon ecosystem is evolving. Klaxoon is transforming itself in order to guide you through this revolution. This transformation is happening across our community with new tutorials and webinars supported by our global partners. Be on the lookout for a makeover of our stores and campus as well! We are eager to guide you through this exciting transition period.

On Thursday November the 18th, we will release the first major update in Klaxoon that will allow you to experience the new platform before anyone else.

The Workshop Platform will be officially launched in early January at the CES Las Vegas.

Stay tuned!

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