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How to lead a hybrid cross-team change support program


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Florence Pichon
Head of the Managerial Transition Task Force at the Departmental Council of Le Var

How to get a team of several hundred managers on board to co-create an agile approach to cross-functional work? This is the challenge for Florence Pichon, Head of the Managerial Transition Task Force at the Departmental Council of Var.

Florence is leading a support change program with the 500 managers at this Council. The objective is to decompartmentalize management and raise awareness of agility and collective intelligence tools.

With this in mind, Florence has launched a "Let's move forward together" initiative, consisting of several events, to get everyone mobilized around these objectives and co-create the process.

The challenge: remove silos in management for more commitment, cross-functionality and participation

With more than 5,000 agents working at the Departmental Council, inertia sometimes restricts the capacity for innovation, and generates numerous silos that impact collaboration.

Teams evolve in isolation, and iteration phases are almost non-existent, which prevents live feedback from the field being integrated in solution deployment.

The Council, a major player in the civic life of its region, has therefore decided to opt for internal operational transformation, with a move towards a new approach that is more interactive, cross-functional and efficient.

And for Florence, the most effective way to achieve this is to create a tailor-made process, which will result from collective intelligence.

The solution: propose a global tailor-made process with Board

To transform such a complex organization, Florence needed to find a process designed to involve all teams concerned, to facilitate the adoption of measures that would subsequently be taken.

In effect, in addition to the large number of employees involved, the wide range and scope of services offered by the Departmental Council generate an additional level of complexity when it comes to introducing new processes.

Resistance to change can discourage the adoption of certain innovations and new practices, and thus hinder the implementation of large projects, such as the introduction of agile methods.

Which is why this time Florence proposed to introduce a collective intelligence tool, with Klaxoon’s visual platform.

Florence decided to use Board, to give everyone access to a shared space. Board has the additional advantage of being suitable for hybrid work, which suits the current working arrangement at the Departmental Council of Var.

What’s more, the team can access the platform asynchronously, allowing for seamless collaboration of around 500 people, anywhere, anytime.

The launch: from preparation to sharing

Florence created a Board, which she sent to the 21 directors and deputy directors of the Council, with the idea that they become influencers and ambassadors for this process.

Subsequently, with their support, the goal was to get the 500 managers on board and energize them, all asynchronously.

This first step is also an opportunity to determine the viability of the “Let’s move forward together” initiative, by checking that this process matches the expectations in the field.

When creating this Board, Florence kept in mind the notion of co-creation, planning managerial meetings led by a team of facilitators.

To do this, she used the Klaxoon Concept poster template.

Two people using a Concept Poster template on Board. | Klaxoon
A Concept Poster is an efficient way of introducing a new idea in a visual way.

With this ready-to-use method, she chose to give details about the process directly on the Board, to make the goals and stages accessible to everyone, anytime.

She also added a handy manual for the Klaxoon tool, to help adoption. This Memo is intended to reassure the invitees and give them all the tools they need to express themselves and participate in the conversation.

Florence also used pictograms, to make her Board more dynamic and make the workshop’s expectations visual.

When sharing ideas, Florence adds a Question for the managers involved in the process, so they can answer it when they want, and thus take time to think about it.

A person using a smartphone to anser Questions on a Board. | Klaxoon
By answering the Questions, participants can share their feedback with Florence in an efficient way.

What's more, Florence also created a specific space for adding Questions and opportunities for improvement, to make all participants active players in this process.

By doing this, Florence ensured she could involve all the stakeholders in discussions and questions, enabling them to bounce ideas off each other at the pace of the teams involved! With Board she can bring together their ideas and engage all participants, encouraging new ways of moving towards greater agility, even remotely and asynchronously.

The result: bring a large group together and save time

Using Klaxoon tools, Florence immediately noticed a real difference in terms of engagement and adoption of the process.

Klaxoon's platform lets participants really get involved in the design of new processes, which will directly affect them. Thanks to this, and because it's so easy to share ideas and collect feedback, all the stakeholders were able to express themselves and stay informed of project developments at any given time, thus becoming well-informed players.

This way of actively engaging them goes a long way to increasing the rate of adoption of new measures in the future.

Florence also noted a real enthusiasm for the platform, thanks to the aesthetic and playfulness of Board’s features. By giving the meetings a more engaging visual format, she noted that participation increased, and the quality even improved.

Thanks to this intuitive and dynamic aspect of the tool, Florence also noted that people less familiar with digital tools managed to get on board too and stay involved in the process.

For Florence, the main advantage of using Board is how easy it is for everyone to participate asynchronously. Because the platform is always available, there's more time for ideas to be formulated and everyone can organize their time independently, which is much appreciated.

Florence has also saved a considerable amount of time with this method: “The number one advantage with Klaxoon is that they [the participants] can answer all 7 questions in under 10 minutes. Before, making them come to a workshop and asking them questions would have easily taken 45 minutes per person, to get the same result.”

And while today Klaxoon is mainly used to facilitate co-creation workshops, Florence confirms the platform is gradually being adopted internally for broader use, and looks forward to the infinite possibilities of this tool in the future.

Florence Pichon: “Klaxoon is quick to use and much less time-consuming for managers.” | Klaxoon

Eventually, it is also planned to switch entirely to Klaxoon to facilitate communication between all the Departmental Council’s teams.

Thanks to Klaxoon, Florence most definitely achieved her goal of decompartmentalizing organizations, while promoting cross-team collaboration and active participation to foster collective intelligence.

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Concept Poster: a visual tool to back up your concept presentations


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