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Concept Poster

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The Concept Poster template is a dedicated space where you can promote and develop your concept. Introducing your idea, its principle and added value gives you leverage to convince the most skeptical of the concept’s viability and gain valuable support. Step into action and build on this highly visual format to develop your idea. As a team, go through the development phases, plan every aspect of the project and anticipate on unforeseen events. The poster must primarily be visual and to the point.

What is a concept poster?

It’s the ideal format to develop the various facets of a new idea. It’s a truly valuable visual tool to promote your concept. Use it to impress your audience, whether they’re your team members or potential investors, for example.
The poster is created by the project team. The aim is to make your project attractive and to hold your audience’s attention long enough to convince them of its relevance by highlighting its benefits, but also by showing that you have thought about potential weaknesses.
This template can also become a bona fide dashboard to follow up your project’s development. Regularly adjust certain aspects of your idea as they develop overtime so that the poster is kept up to date.

Why do you need a concept poster for your project?

In a nutshell: to promote it! When you start on a new project or develop an idea, there comes the pivotal moment of its presentation. You have to find the right words to convince others that it is relevant and useful. To support your presentation and make it more convincing, an effective visual aid is a definite plus to illustrate your ideas, structure the presentation and make it clearer for the audience.
Any pitch worth its salt should be as brief and comprehensive as possible, presenting all the key points clearly and concisely to help your audience understand what the project is about. If your presentation hits home, your audience will easily be able to visualize and embrace your concept, giving you valuable support for its future development.
Any truly successful and efficient project pitch requires careful preparation, and the concept poster can help you!

Best practices for your concept poster

First, organize a team meeting on the Board and populate the available areas as your idea grows. Start by writing down your idea with sentences, in draft mode, showing how it works, why it’s interesting and why it’s special. The aim is to promote your idea so the audience senses your commitment to your project. Name your concept and develop a catchy tagline, then go over all the sections of your poster, preparing a schedule for the project’s upcoming stages.

As it is first and foremost a poster, try to illustrate your concept with as many images, videos and sketches as you can in the final layout. However, be careful not to clutter up the poster. Keep to the point and prioritize the visual aspects, which have more impact when promoting an idea.

Concept Poster template | Klaxoon

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All the project members with access to the Board can add to it at any time, allowing them to work separately and more efficiently as a team.

Using Board, boost your presentations both on site and remotely by making them increasingly visual and engage your audience. Post a Question at any time and collect feedback on your project in a few clicks, because any constructive comments are always good to have!

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