The worst case scenario: the ideation which turns the problem upside down

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The worst case scenario

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Discover the Worst case scenario template or how to imagine the worst in order to generate a maximum of ideas! This brainstorming method is also called reverse brainstorming.Solve problems more easily as a team by turning the problem upside downSometimes, you can rack your brains for hours without coming up with the answer to a problem... Try simply turning the problem on its head to find your way out of the fix. Instead of trying to solve the problem, make a list of all the things that would be sure to make you fail! It's sometimes easier to imagine the worst... All you need to do now is reverse your ideas and your problem is solved! The worst case scenario technique is also known as the reverse brainstorming.

Being pessimistic is sometimes more inspiring than looking for solutions!

So instead of looking for ways to do better, think as a team about anything that could make the situation worse. Then turn your suggestions into positive solutions and that's it. With the worst case scenario template, break the deadlock and come up with new ideas as a team!

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