Design Thinking: brainstorming methods to create and innovate


Design Thinking

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With the Design Thinking template, stimulate your team’s creativity to boost innovation in your projects. There are 6 simple and easy design thinking methods in this template to use as a team for effective brainstorming sessions.

Brainstorming and ideation tools for teamwork

Are you launching a project? Do you want to do everything in your power to improve your teamwork efficiency? With the Design Thinking template, you get a kit of 6 ready-to-use templates for effective brainstorming and ideation sessions as a team, in person or remotely.

Identify project stakeholders and their influences, determine high priority action items, and examine a topic in more depth. There's a method to suit every need, and with this range of brainstorming techniques you can work with any mindset, from the most creative to the most pragmatic!

You can use a single creativity technique, or try out several one after the other, depending on your needs and time, but the 6 techniques in the Design Thinking template are all easy to use and highly effective.

Why use online brainstorming tools?

Design thinking tools are a structured yet creative way of finding the most innovative solutions for a problem. They are both unique and accessible.

Design thinking combines technology tools and human creativity to tackle complex problems. Its methods usually follow 3 stages: 

  • Examine
  • Understand
  • Manufacture

Ideal for starting a new project, these 6 brainstorming techniques that come from design thinking are easy to use for boosting teamwork and innovation. Whether the team is gathered in the same place or scattered all over the world working remotely, this template is designed to foster collaboration and generate ideas. 

Especially since with Board, Klaxoon's limitless whiteboard, your team's imagination can run wild, be it to create products and services or to solve problems.

Spread your team's ideas visually, to come up with high-value and efficient solutions.

Using Klaxoon's Design Thinking template

As a project manager, you can invite your team to join you directly on Klaxoon’s digital whiteboard. Enter the project’s and the team’s name and the date in the center of the Board, and then zoom out to browse the different methods in the Design Thinking template as you go. After looking at all the brainstorming techniques in this ready-to-use kit, choose your team’s favorite for your project. 

You can identify and rank the influential stakeholders in your project with the Stakeholder Map, get unlimited ideas and map priorities with the What's On Your Radar template, use Affinity Clustering for quick brainstorming, use the Rose, Thorn and Bud template for a team retrospective, examine a topic or challenge in more depth with Abstraction Laddering, or prioritize project stages with the Importance/Difficulty Matrix.

These 6 ideation techniques are accessible to everyone, and can be used alone or in combination. Go to the templates for each of these techniques to get more detailed instructions:

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