Rose, Thorn, Bud : have a progress meeting with your team to work more effectively

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Rose, Thorn, Bud

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With the Rose, Thorn, Bud Template, carry out the reflexion on the successes, your project's challenges and opportunities. As a team, analyze a situation using a metaphor Around a chosen subject, think together about every positive aspects - the rose, everything that doesn't work - the thorn, and everything still to explore - the bud. Together, explore lines of thought.

Do your strategic analysis with the Rose, Thorn & Bud method.

With this Design Thinking Method, do your strategic analysis, gather feedback easily and consider lines of thoughts to dig as a team. Using the flower's image, helps everyone to find new ideas and improve continuously. Get an overview as a team with the Rose, Thorn & Bud template. It's simple and effective!

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