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A message coming from New Zealand...

Mount Maunganui, Saturday 29 August 2020, beach art by Jamie Harkins.

Jamie Harkins plays with perspective to create illusions and modify the observer's perception. In order to see his art as it was intended, you need to climb to a great height and look at it from a certain angle."Change your point of view."

Our senses, our environment and our experiences shape how we see the world. We interpret information differently depending on how it is presented. When we work as part of a team, we constantly need to readjust how we perceive subjects, re-organize ideas visually in order to work out which path to take.

As such, having frequent discussions and taking everyone's opinion into consideration enables us to see things differently, to envisage other ways of doing things, to analyze a situation from 360 degrees, and often, to find the best solutions. Change your point of view to bounce back stronger, make progress, and move forward together.

Jamie Harkins, illusion artist

Jamie Harkins expresses his creativity through many art forms, drifting between music, painting, poetry, and beach art. He explores themes as varied as geometry, architecture, ecology, everyday life and humor, which he explores through characters that he creates for children. An established beach artist, he practices anamorphosis; that is works that are distorted and whose real form only becomes apparent when seen from a certain angle.

Recognized for his work on perspective and optical illusions, he has had the opportunity to work for the New Zealand government, as well as in Israel and Dubai.

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