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At Occitane, Christelle creates a Kanban to follow the team's projects

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Christelle Rybinski
HRIS IT Expert, L'Occitane Group

Christelle and her team use the Kanban Agile method to follow and manage their projects. With Klaxoon, Christelle dematerialised her Kanban board by transposing the physical table into a digital one. Wherever she is, the team can follow the tasks to do, in progress and done. Backlog, priorities, follow-up table and ideas: everything's there to centralize information and to know the status of each projects!

Board as a project tracking table

To create her Kanban, Christelle uses the Board's range of tools to define the table's different areas. All week long, the team members send their respective tasks in ideas and place them accord to their progress. Thanks to the Dimension feature and the team's own color code, everyone knows who the tasks belong to and what they stand for. To move forward, the team synchronizes twice a week, remotely!

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