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the time has come for teamwork to be

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visual collaboration

to make teamwork easy and participative

Import and view any type of content and files in a single place (word processing files, images, presentation boards, PPT, graphic files, spreadsheet data...). Add all the information you need to move the conversation forward. Import data in bulk from Excel. Add all your information to lead the reflection. Import data from Excel in bulk.

Add different wallpapers to structure your ideas. A palette of colors, shapes, brushes, fonts, connectors, pen tool, Questions... choose from a wide range of graphical tools to organize your content visually: Mindmaps, flowcharts, creative tools...

Display your ideas from different angles with several view modes. Board view: to lay out all the ideas in front of you. Column view: to visualize ideas in project mode. List view: to sort ideas by color, by number of likes, or by category.

Everything was designed to promote efficient teamwork, wherever you are!

Bring together all info and content

Text, sketches, images, links, videos and files are displayed instantly in a collaborative workspace.

Communicate visually

"Questions" offers a single channel of communications to harness collective intelligence and collect consolidated feedback instantly.

Change your point of view

There is a view for every occasion, whether you want to monitor project progress, brainstorm together or prioritize action items.The visual revolution.

The visual revolution

Try Board Hybrid for free

built-in video conferencing

designed for hybrid exchanges

Help your team synchronize more efficiently with Live. Audio and video streams are directly accessible on Board, for more visual, shorter, and simpler synchronization meetings. Up to 50 participants, with the option of an audience of up to 250 people.

5, 15 or 30 minutes needed? Each catch-up requires more or less time. Extend the time if needed, and make your team meetings more dynamic! Ultra-lightweight video and audio feeds take up very little bandwidth, so they work whatever the conditions.

With Live, you can also share your screen to show elements outside the Board. Adopt a more efficient way of working to optimize collaboration, speed up decision-making, and help move projects forward.

Time your meeting

Choose the duration of your video conference depending on your needs.

Stay connected to your team

You can connect with 50 members of your team by video conference directly in Board.

Plug in your video conferencing solution

You can also connect your usual video conferencing applications: Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom and much more.

Synchronize efficiently as a team.

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ready-to-use meetings

easily ramp up collaboration thanks to hundreds of templates

Inspired by industry-standard agile methods, and the best ideas from the Klaxoon community, you can choose from 100 customizable templates.

You'll find templates for any type of meeting: daily and weekly meetings, project management, workshops, ideation, design thinking, brainstorming, etc. Choose the best one for you, and just follow the instructions. It's simple and efficient.

Beginner or expert level, there's a template for all with adjusted guidance to get started faster.
Whatever you need, you can find the right template for you at the click of a mouse!

Browse the template library

Click, customize, adopt

Instant access to the most popular teamwork templates.

Simplify the creation of your Boards

At the click of a mouse, add a pattern to your Board to help you focus on what's important.

Draw inspiration from each other

Join our community of users and watch testimonials and examples of how to use Klaxoon.

Transform how you work as a team

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a complete visual workspace

a single tool for intuitive and efficient teamwork

Board Hybrid™️ is the all-in-one, visual, collaborative tool that facilitates teamwork in hybrid organizations.

Board Hybrid™️ enables you to switch easily between the spoken and written word, between hearing and visualizing, in order to foster, to promote continuous synchronization, information sharing, the establishment of new collaborative rituals, free expression between colleagues, the organization of ideas, decision-making, and more generally getting down to action.
Board Hybrid™️ provides an augmented work experience that liberates users from the constraints of time and space, allowing them to work how, when, where and with whom they like, within a single collaborative workspace. 

Guided by design

Intuitive, user-friendly, and accessible; Board is designed for everyone.

Collaborate wherever you are

Whether you are travelling, in the office, or at home, it's easy to access your workspace.

Work as a team when you are ready

Whether you are working simultaneously or asynchronously, everyone always shares the same up-to-date information.

Enter the new era of teamwork.

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