Communication plan: from goals to action plan, all the components of your strategy


Communication plan

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Create your communication plan effectively and visually following all the stages step-by-step as a team. Using media, text, drawings or images, everyone can freely express their ideas and vote to find the best ones. The communication plan takes shape gradually before your eyes, all in one place.

The final step in your project management: a communication plan

What use are the best projects or products if nobody knows about them? Do you want to find out the best way to tell everyone about your project? This template is made for you!

Communication plans have several functions: communicate effectively about your project, and manage your communication strategy effectively. With this template, you will learn how to prepare an internal communication plan as a team, working face to face or remotely, and develop your action plan throughout your project management.

Communications managers, communications directors, press relations managers, event project managers and communications agencies can all use the Communication Plan template. Work as a team to get an overview of your targets, objectives and messages and come up with appropriate and impactful communication strategies.

Why should you work as a team to create a communication plan?

Marketing, digital communication, corporate communication, internal and external communication, online marketing, public relations... Communication plans help to promote your project, improve the company's reputation and image among your diverse audiences, permanently anchor your messages in the minds of your prospects and customers, and achieve your communication campaign objectives.

For all this to be effective, you have to bring together everyone involved in your project management; from the creative and development teams to customer relations and the management. You need to get everyone on board to develop a comprehensive communication matrix.

All in one place, on the whiteboard, where you create an overview of all your communication actions and bring your communication plan to life over time.

How do you create a visual communication plan with Klaxoon?

Start by inviting your entire team to the whiteboard and fill in the spaces for the project title, date and allocated budget.

Now, you’re ready to start your analysis. In this team brainstorming section, you can flesh out your context, targets, objectives and messages. You can use the suggested templates on your board, or simply invite participants to send all their ideas to the corresponding ideation area. Don't forget that your whiteboard is infinitely scalable and you can suggest all kinds of content (text, drawings, website links etc.). Time the four brainstorming phases and end them with a like session to find the best ideas. All you have to do is rewrite them in the right-hand section to gradually see your new communication plan appear.

You can move on to the action plan by encouraging participants to place their ideas on the left-hand side of the whiteboard, and then liking the best ideas together. Switch to list view to sort ideas by the number of likes, then move those that are obvious favorites to the "to do" area. All you have to do now is assign each of your ideas to a team member in dimensions.

Now your communication matrix has been created, use the template to track its progress. Move completed actions from column to column and assess them in the "result" column.

Then you can hold a retrospective workshop for your communication plan to fine tune your team strategy and improve your future actions.

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