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The quickest and easiest way to ask questions to your team.

With Questions, ask engaging questions to your team. Gauge satisfaction, collect ideas or feedback, ask a challenge question, assess the progression of a project, and thousands of other uses!

Open questions, challenges, evaluations; multiple formats to gather collective intelligence in a simple and visual way. Easily create your question from the Klaxoon interface and send it in one click to your team. They receive it in real time. Each question is anonymous and can be shared worldwide.

The Questions App receives and collects all the answers. It displays them in a dynamic and intelligent way to facilitate analyzing the results. Easy to use, Questions allows you to associate the spontaneity of questioning with a depth of analysis.

Easily create open-ended questions, challenges, ideas and polls.
Ask Questions to your team members and your phone, email, and social networks contacts.
Unleash creativity
The results are consolidated in a visual way.

It all starts with a question

Klaxoon users testify!

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