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Teamplayer, a visual smartwork revolution

By Matthieu, January 7, 2020
It’s not just another computer. It’s a new road to explore.

We’ve been going down the same road for a long time. From the personal computer to the smartphone. Getting closer to the screen. Shrinking it down. Making it smarter. But the concept was still the same.

One screen. One cursor, evolving to your finger, to navigate and move between apps. And we’ve seen how it changed our lives.

What if. What if there was another road, another path to take? We believe there are other roads to explore that will open up new dimensions. And make huge differences in our lives. What about rethinking the distance we put ourselves from a screen? Or the number of screens we use? What about rethinking controllers? Remote. Physical. Interactions.

Teamplayer, a visual smartwork revolution - Klaxoon

Rethink the way we access information. Rethink the way we display it. More simple. More playful. More human.

Just look at what’s been done in music in the past few decades. New ergonomics. Controllers. Touch. Visual. New ways for musicians to express themselves. A revolution.

Imagine we create new ways to express ourselves. A new generation of controllers. Helping us to navigate in a new generation of interfaces. That can fit any size of screen. Connecting us, all together, at the same time. From wherever we are.

It’s not just another computer.

It’s a brand new road.

Klaxoon - The world premiere of Teamplayer at Las Vegas during the CES 2020
6th January, at Las Vegas. The world premiere of Teamplayer.

Discover Klaxoon and its new product Teamplayer at CES2020, Sands Expo, Booth #45340.

By Matthieu, founder & CEO at Klaxoon