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Organizing innovation sprints using Design Thinking with Klaxoon

By Francoise, June 4, 2020
Furious Intent is a Paris-based innovation agency that helps major companies shape their future through Design Thinking. Co-founder, Sophie Malherbe, and Innovation Manager, Julien Vachelard, found the perfect ally in Klaxoon to facilitate digital workshops with clients based in France and abroad.

Furious Intent is one of the pioneers of Design Thinking in France. The team defines this method as a holistic design process for shaping the future by developing innovative products and services that are desirable, viable, and feasible. Sophie Malherbe is the Co-founder of Furious Intent, and Julien Vachelard is the Innovation Manager.

Adopting Klaxoon in the current context has allowed us to continue to work.
Sophie Malherbe, Co-founder of Furious Intent

Watch a video on how Furious Intent’s team facilitates online Design Thinking workshops remotely using Klaxoon.

Preparing an online Design Thinking workshop with Klaxoon

Innovation manager, Julien Vachelard, helps companies shape their future by supporting them with the creation of products, services, HR processes, and tenders. For that, he organizes innovation sprints with his clients, which are divided into four main parts: the ambition, the exploration, the value proposition, and the search for a solution.

Every sprint has a different finish line, but the path is always similar: a first period of individual ideation, followed by phase of group work, to share and discuss ideas, and finally, collective decision-making. In order to adapt this process to remote work, the Furious Intent team uses their collaborative tool: Klaxoon!

It’s collaborative, but it also facilitates the process; that’s one of the things that we liked about Klaxoon! It boosts idea generation!
Julien Vachelard, Innovation Manager at Furious Intent
Furious Intent’s approach to innovation sprints, represented on a Klaxoon Brainstorm

Furious Intent’s team applies the Design Thinking approach as early as its online design workshops. Every session is designed in advance, on a Klaxoon Brainstorm, in order to get an idea of the duration of each stage done with customers, and therefore to prepare efficiently and come up with relevant solutions.

In practical terms, Julien creates a Klaxoon Brainstorm and organizes it himself very easily. This Brainstorm allows him to draw frames and text boxes linked to the participants, where they can come and add their ideas on the theme. Using an «Idea», they can post text, links to documents, images, and videos.

How to launch an online brainstorming workshop with Klaxoon

Furious Intent’s online innovation workshops involve around ten participants, who connect to Klaxoon through a smartphone, tablet, or computer. It’s very easy for them log on and join the activity created by the facilitator.

First of all, the participants are asked to individually post ideas on the issue at question. At this stage, the participants are not distracted or influenced by other people’s ideas, because, thanks to the «animator control mode», they can’t see them! Julien chose this mode when he was preparing his workshop to enable participants to think individually and post their ideas before they are all shared

«Animator control « mode is configured directly in the facilitator’s studio. It enables the facilitator to control the board.

To keep the session moving, Julien uses the Timer function. With the click of a mouse, he can define how long he wants to give the participants to think and post their ideas. These online brainstorming sessions using Klaxoon last 1½ hours compared to 4 hours in person. They are shorter but generate a wealth of ideas.

All our conversations are on strategic subjects, which we could discuss for days on end! The «timer» function helps us control the duration of the sessions.
Julien Vachelard, Innovation Manager at Furious Intent

While all the participants are posting their ideas on the Brainstorm, the facilitator can progressively rearrange the team’s ideas as they are posted, consolidate what is redundant, and organize the Brainstorm as they see fit. When they are ready, the facilitator chooses the board view so that everyone can see and discuss each other’s ideas.

At this stage, the participants can move around the board, send and amend their own ideas, but not move or modify other elements (ideas, images, shapes, text). That is the method chosen by Furious Intent’s team to lock down everything and ensure the facilitator has control over the board.

With Klaxoon, you really have that freedom to hide or reveal ideas as and when you need to. In any group activity, we know perfectly well that people influence each other, and you need to know when you want them to!
Sophie Malherbe, co-founder of Furious Intent

Going from ideas to an action plan

After individual ideation and sharing the ideas as a group, the aim is to put in place an action plan based on the ideas that best meet the three Design Thinking criteria: desirability, viability, and feasibility.

For this stage, Julien uses the Like function: with the click of a mouse, participants can vote for their favorite ideas. The facilitator sees the Likes appear in real time. They can then move the most popular ideas to a zone reserved for that purpose. These new ideas are highlighted visually: this way, the participants can decide together what needs to be done to prepare the next session and move forward efficiently.

The Like function can be used to highlight which ideas should be prioritized

With Klaxoon, Furious Intent’s team can work just as effectively remotely as in person, thereby enabling them to pursue projects that are strategic to their customers, complete projects that must be finalized urgently, and start new projects…

Life goes on. And even when the situation requires us to go digital, Klaxoon enables us to continue to shape the future. With Klaxoon, we have a better quality of discussion and generate more ideas.
Julien Vachelard, Innovation Manager at Furious Intent
With our own approach on the one hand and Klaxoon on the other, we feel equipped to rise to the challenge: clearly Klaxoon has been a godsend with respect to our customer relationships.
Sophie Malherbe, Co-founder of Furious Intent

Klaxoon to help stimulate everyday discussion

The agency has even adopted Klaxoon as an everyday collaborative tool, which they use both in customer workshops and internally. On the client side, the use of Klaxoon has been unanimously well received. The feedback has been positive and people who are not so familiar with digital tools also find the platform easy to use. Sophie now even finds herself launching spontaneous Brainstorms. When she feels it would be useful for encouraging discussion in meetings, she opens a Brainstorm, and everyone can express themselves freely.

Klaxoon has two uses: it’s an extremely versatile tool and it’s incredibly easy to start up, so it can be used both spontaneously as well as in a very well-organized, prepared context with templates, etc.
Sophie Malherbe, co-founder of Furious Intent

Why don’t you try adopting a Design Thinking template to efficiently facilitate your innovation workshops?

By Francoise, auteure