QRQC: solving problems encountered in the field on a daily basis as a team

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With the QRQC Template, identify defects as a team and find solutions to resolve them quickly and definitively.Improve team performance by solving problems quickly and sustainably.QRQC means "Quick Response Quality Control" and was developed by Nissan in the 1990s. It is used to solve problems encountered in the field, quickly and sustainably, by involving all the teams working on a project.Use this Template to monitor your performance on a daily basis, identify problems as soon as they occur and solve them as a team.

Solve problems encountered in the field on a daily basis and as a team.

First, detect malfunctions and neutralize them immediately with the fast resolution process. Then take the time to resolve them throughly to prevent them from reoccurring. With this Template from the Japanese Kaizen approach, involve all stakeholders in solving the problem and improve team performance.

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