One, Two, Three: an icebreaker to unleash the team's creativity


one, two, three

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To conduct an effective workshop where everyone feels free to express themselves, there's nothing like breaking the ice right at the start! Find out how to do this with the One, Two, Three template. This fun icebreaker usually lasts no more than 10 minutes, and puts everyone in the right mood to enjoy a workshop, a meeting or a training session afterward. One, two, three, let's go!

An icebreaker to be used remotely or in person to boost a group's creativity

Want to know how to create a positive group dynamic before starting a meeting or a training session? Ask all the participants, in the room or working remotely, to send three ideas in the form of photos, drawings, texts or anything else that could illustrate their dream destination, which essential item they would take there, and a famous person who would go with them.

Everyone’s imagination is jump-started instantly as you share your ideas in seconds, and the team spirit comes to life!

This icebreaker is ideal for breaking the ice quickly and getting on with a creative team working session. In less than 10 minutes, liven up and energize the start of your workshop, training session or team meeting.

From any connected device, share your ideas as a team, quickly and visually!

Icebreakers, the best tools for creative teamwork

By now, you should be well aware of the benefits of icebreakers. Creating a bond between employees and discovering certain hidden aspects of everyone's personality helps people feel at ease with each other, which results in better teamwork. And this is especially true nowadays, when teams work in a hybrid environment, both in person and remotely.

While people are less meeting for a coffee in the office, it’s essential to recreate brief, but fun and stimulating opportunities to share things. They are vital to the well-being of the team, whether its members already know each other and simply need a bit of time to play together, or whether the team is meeting for the very first time.

The One, Two, Three icebreaker is effective and easy to use for groups of 5 to 10 participants. It will put everyone at ease and let you follow up with a creative team working session. Whether in person or remotely as a videoconference icebreaker, it stimulates creativity and imagination in just a few minutes. Prepare to be amazed to see how fast participants will get focused after that in your training session or brainstorming meetings!

One, two, three, break the ice with this Klaxoon icebreaker!

Start by inviting your team to log in to your whiteboard. Then, adjust the Board according to the number of participants (we recommend a minimum of 5 participants).

Choose the 3 questions for team members. For example: which dream destination would you fly to? Which famous person would you take there with you? Which essential item would you take? Feel free to imagine all kinds of questions so as not to get bored and to stimulate your imagination.

You could also set a 2 to 5-minute time limit, using the built-in timer on the whiteboard, and ask participants to send an idea to each column to answer each question. It can be a short text, an image, a photo or even a drawing! Nothing is off-limits here, so give it a go!

Finally, take a few minutes for a debrief about everyone's ideas. Make your dreams come true, as you discuss together and create a real climate of trust between the participants. And there you have it, you're ready to work as a team and be creative!

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