The 5 Whys: finding sustainable solutions as a team

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The 5 Whys method

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With the 5 Whys method Template, identify the causes of a problem step-by-step to find the right answers and improve team performance.Working as a team, go back to the root cause of a problem to find a permanent solutionThe "5 Whys" approach is a team-based problem-solving method used to identify the root cause of a defect and to remedy it in the most effective way.The method consists of asking the "Why?" question over and over again until you find the relevant solutions.

Need to solve a problem or malfunction? Rely on the 5 whys method!

This template comes from the Japanese Kaizen method, a continuous improvement process based on concrete, simple and inexpensive actions. It is about making small improvements on a daily basis and in a constant way. By following the steps of the 5 whys method template, exchange, deepen, explore and go back to the root causes of the difficulty encountered. Carried out as a team, this process will allow you to simply identify the relevant solutions to unblock the situation and promote the continuous improvement process.

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