Icebreaker: activities to get to know the group

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Ice Breaker

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With the Icebreaker Template, kickstart a work session, get everyone to speak, stimulate curiosity, make a first contact and move the team forward! Find the ideal icebreaker to kickstart a dynamic breakout session with your team, working group or audience. Get the conversation going and the energy up, make sure everybody’s engaged for the rest of your session. Save time with our easy-to-use icebreaker templates. Simply copy and paste them in your Board. Enlarge or adjust them as needed, based on your audience size. Now you’re ready to go!

Discover 10 "icebreaker" activities to kickstart a group discussion!

These 5 to 15 minutes activities propose a different game for people who may or may not already know each other. An excellent way to kickstart the work session, training or other teamwork.

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