Team mood: the icebreaker that reveals how the team is going!


Team Mood

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Need to take the pulse of your team? In less than 10 minutes, free up the floor with this icebreaker that allows everyone to express themselves on their current state of mind. Together, visualize the group dynamics and take into account the mood of your collaborators to work well as a team.

Break the ice and get to know your team

Need to take the pulse of the team, to know how your work group is doing? In less than 10 minutes, free up the floor and evaluate the state of mind of your employees with the Team Mood Template.

Whether you are in a face-to-face meeting or in remote work, this ice-breaker allows everyone to express their mood at the moment. Just like a weather forecast activity at the beginning or end of a meeting, which is another well-known collaborative tool, the Team Mood icebreaker is ideal to visualize the dynamics of the group and to better understand the state of mind of your colleagues.

It can sometimes be difficult to get a sense of the general mood of the team, especially for geographically distributed teams. However, sharing their current state of mind in a few words can help participants to remove blockages later on, and for example give them a way to express themselves hassle-free in a work group.

To conduct a friendly workshop and work effectively as a team, there is nothing like breaking the ice right at the beginning of the session!

Simply get an overview of the current mood of each member of the team, to get everyone off the right way!

Understanding your team's mood: an absolute must-have for good teamwork

It is not always easy to express yourself in a group when you don't know each other well. However, it is essential to regularly take, the time to listen to everyone's feelings. This allows you to better understand and apprehend the reactions, or non-reactions, of your team members, and to make the collective intelligence work.

Indeed, you will each position yourselves differently according to what you perceive of the others. A colleague for whom it's being hard to focus? This is not the right time to invite him to question himself on a task. Another one is in good shape? This might be the ideal partner to launch an initiative or the next step of a project!

And especially in remote work, meetings can have an impact on team engagement, because videoconferencing does not always transmit all the elements of non-verbal language. It is then less obvious to establish a climate of trust and cohesion within the team.

Thanks to this icebreaker, you encourage mutual attention and stimulate exchanges between participants, who discover or rediscover each other. It is the ideal Template to take the temperature of the troops' morale and to put everyone at ease. It is also the right moment to motivate the teams, and to follow up with a creative teamwork session.

How do you use Klaxoon’s Team Mood icebreaker?

As usual, first invite your team members to the Klaxoon whiteboard. Then, launch a video conference using the built-in Live tool.

Ask your colleagues to send a selfie, an image or a GIF in an idea, by clicking on the camera icon, and to fill in their first name as a dimension. This image will be used to represent them. Each person will position it on the character in the tree that best represents their current state of mind.

Then, use the timer if you wish to give participants a limited amount of time to comment on their position.

This icebreaker takes about ten minutes to complete, so you can use it as a preamble to a project management meeting or a specific workshop with people who may or may not know each other. This way, you get off to a good start, and work as a team in a pleasant and efficient way!

By the way, do you need to directly integrate this icebreaker Template at the beginning of a meeting or workshop? Simply duplicate the basic Template, with the tree and its characters, and paste it into the whiteboard dedicated to your workshop. If some of the participants are not yet familiar with Klaxoon and Board, this is also the ideal opportunity to get them to use the tool: add an idea or an image to the whiteboard, join a video or react to an idea shared by a colleague, etc. Very simply, get your team on board for an efficient collective work, whether you are in person or in remote work!

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