Team mood: the icebreaker that reveals how the team is going!

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Team Mood

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Do you need to take the team’s pulse? In just 10 minutes, give everyone a chance to have their say about their current state of mind with this icebreaker. Together, get a feel for the group dynamic and take everyone’s mood into consideration to get the best out of teamwork.

Break the ice and get to know your team

Do you need to take the team's pulse, to find out how your working group is doing? In just ten minutes, let everyone have their say and find out how they're feeling with the Team Mood Template.

Whether you’re in a face-to-face meeting or working from home, this icebreaker lets everyone say how they’re feeling right now. Like taking a temperature check at the start or end of a meeting, a well-known collaborative method, Team Mood is just what you need to get a feel for the group dynamic and better understand everyone’s mood.

To conduct a friendly workshop and work effectively as a team, what better than breaking the ice at the start of the session?

Understanding your team's mood: an absolute must-have for good teamwork

It’s not always easy to have your say in a group when you hardly know each other. But it’s essential to regularly take time to really listen to everyone. It helps you better understand the way in which your team members react or don't react, and harness collective intelligence. Indeed, you will each take up different positions depending on how you perceive others. Are some of your colleagues struggling to concentrate? Then, this is not the right time to ask them to reassess a task. Are some other colleagues at the top of their game? They are the ideal partners to launch an initiative or the new stage of a project!

Together in a room or remotely, you encourage people to listen to each other and stimulate discussions between participants, who discover or rediscover themselves. It’s the perfect template to check the morale of the troops and put everyone at ease. It is also a good opportunity to motivate teams and lead them into a creative teamwork session.

How do you use Klaxoon’s Team Mood icebreaker?

As always, first invite your team members to Board, the Klaxoon whiteboard structured after the Team Mood template.

Then, ask them to send a selfie in an idea, by clicking on the camera icon and filling in their first name as Dimension. Everyone has to place their picture on the character in the tree that best represents their current state of mind.

Then you can use the timer to define a moment for each participant to comment on their position.

Allow about ten minutes for the entire icebreaker. You can use it, for example, before a project management meeting or a specific workshop involving people who know each other, or who don’t. This gets you off to a good start for some fun and effective teamwork!

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