Who's who? : the icebreaker that presents you in a different light


who's who?

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With the Who’s who? icebreaker template, anonymously reveal an aspect of your personality, something new you’ve done or a hobby, and let the group guess that it’s you! This format is ideal to let everyone have their say at the start of a workshop, and encourage discussion. In less than 15 minutes, liven up and energize the start of your workshops, training sessions or meetings, to get everyone warmed up for better teamwork.

An online icebreaker to get to know each other and work as a team

Do you want to run an effective workshop that's fun for all the participants? If so, breaking the ice is the first step to take at the start of the session to let everyone have their say.

This fun icebreaker usually lasts about 15 minutes, and can be done both in person and remotely. Whether your team works together regularly or is new and in different locations, Who’s who? is accessible to everyone.

In this short game, everyone sends an idea with an anecdote about themselves. Then, as a team, in the ensuing discussions, you find out who is hiding behind each idea. This Klaxoon icebreaker is effective even if the team members already know each other, because there’s always something new to discover about everyone. It's ideal to put everyone at ease, and follow it up with a creative team working session.

Whether working on site or remotely, this icebreaker will bring your team the same amount of fun!

Why getting to know each other leads to better teamwork

To be able to create new projects, exceed our limitations, meet challenges or solve problems, we often need collective intelligence and the strength of the group. But, for this to work, the members of this group must trust each other. And what better way to build trust than to get to know each other? This is what this virtual or in-person icebreaker is for!

It can be done with a hybrid team, whether the members are meeting in person or remotely, and works with 4 or more participants. With this icebreaker, sharing anecdotes about yourself in the form of a game helps create a bond. Then, in the ensuing discussions, however short, tongues loosen and curiosity is aroused to energize the team!

With this fun icebreaker, you warm the team up before starting your group work, and you make it possible to work better together.

Find out Who’s who with the Klaxoon template

After having invited your team members to your whiteboard, customize it with the name of each participant in Categories.

Then, ask everyone to send an idea with their photo, name and job title to the "You" column. Using the built-in timer, give everyone 2 minutes to send 2 secret pieces of information or anecdotes about themselves, as a red idea, into the "Mysterious ideas" area on the Board.

Then, restart the timer for 8 minutes, to give team members the time to find out who's who. You can of course collaborate and discuss your intuitions to discover who’s who! When a player thinks they’ve found the author of an idea, they double-click on it, turn it yellow, choose their first name from the pre-made Categories and enter the first name of the alleged author of the idea as a Dimension.

When the time is up, set the timer for 5 more minutes to assess and share your results. Everyone looks at the ideas where their name appears and confirms which ones are right by turning them green. To count the points, switch to Column view to see the player rankings. All you have to do is count the points for each player and each idea found!

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