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How to leverage digital adoption to optimize team rituals


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Laura Lanchy
Quality Manager at IPSEN

Laura Lanchy is Quality Manager at IPSEN, a French biopharmaceutical group. She works with a team of 6 people, made up of internal members, external consultants, and those located internationally (Mumbai). To centralize their exchanges and interact more effectively from any location, Laura transformed their team practices by adopting Klaxoon's visual collaboration platform.

The challenge: working seamlessly with a geographically dispersed team

When Laura was appointed Quality Manager, she was faced with the responsibility of supervising an international team. She quickly felt the need to offer a management style where information is centralized for maximum visibility.

Her primary objective was to simplify communication within this globally dispersed team, and coordinate initiatives more effectively.

To achieve this, she chose Klaxoon's visual collaboration platform and set up a virtual workspace, a real "shared office", thanks to her online whiteboard, Board.

In this space, members of her team get together despite their geographical distance. The idea is to facilitate team leadership, monitor project progress, and maintain a constant presence with each member of the team. This approach also aims to create cohesion within the team, and ensure efficient task management despite the distance that separates them.

The solution: adopt digitalized team rituals to maximize efficiency

Klaxoon quickly became the best solution for remote or hybrid collaboration. Laura applies the platform to her digitalized team rituals, drawing inspiration from the ready-to-use Weekly and One-to-one methods available in Klaxoon's template library.

1. A team ritual with Weekly

In her team Board, Laura takes advantage of the many visual management features to offer her entire team a new working experience

The Weekly template helps her bring her team together on a regular basis, whether face-to-face or remotely. With the help of this ready-to-use template, the position and missions of each participant are clearly indicated, providing an overall view of the team's production.

A person working remotely on a computer displaying Laura's team Board, and other people connected by video. | Klaxoon
Laura's team Board is divided into several zones, each with a specific objective (team presentation, action plan, etc.).

On this Board, the team shares daily tasks asynchronously. This means that it is no longer necessary to meet synchronously for certain subjects, which can be carried out in parallel and remotely at everyone's own pace.

In addition, Laura's team Board is structured around other areas: 

  • A space with the departure dates of external members and the vacations of internal members. This gives them the means to retrieve information on team attendance and absence at any time
  • A space dedicated to emergencies, listing their common priorities. This enables them to be more reactive, and to share important documents.
  • To keep track of actions in progress, there's an area with a column for each person, where the tasks that team members are currently working on are listed in the form of ideas. Tasks are sorted by "topics" for easy reference. Once a task has been completed, it is deleted. As a manager, this is a way for Laura to make sure she doesn't forget anything, and to keep a constant and efficient follow-up on projects.

What's more, team members can always come in asynchronously to complete the ideas to be discussed later, during their exchange time. 

Laura brings her whole team together every two weeks. The meeting lasts around 1 hour, but it's often difficult to finish on time. In this type of situation, the Board also features a Timer function, which tracks the time remaining to discuss topics.

2. An individual One-to-one ritual

At the same time, Laura schedules a weekly one-hour one-to-one meeting with each member of the team. These one-to-one meetings offer a privileged environment, with open and transparent communication between Laura as manager, and her colleagues. 

Once again, Laura uses a Board for these exchanges. Klaxoon enables her to create a space of closeness and trust, and to have in mind all the topics to be addressed when the time comes. There's a ready-to-use Board template to organize simple one-to-one points, but it's also possible to start from a blank Board and customize it.

Two people are sitting in front of their computer chatting on a One-to-one Board. | Klaxoon
Whether on site or remotely, the manager and the employee share a single, structured, visual exchange space.

These one-to-one meetings make it possible to keep a close eye on team members' progress, and adjust objectives or priorities if necessary. It's also a good way of gathering feedback to help you move forward as a manager. 

Weekly and One-to-one, the digitalization of these two team rituals facilitated collaboration in Laura's team, and enabled them to be effective regardless of distance. Digitalization has given them the keys to better access to information, greater flexibility for everyone and collective time-saving.

The result: simplified, more visual and interactive meetings

According to Laura and her team, Klaxoon offers tremendous added value, transforming their work into a dynamic, visual collaborative experience

Compared to traditional whiteboards, Klaxoon is more intuitive and practical, allowing ideas to be added and categorized at the click of a button. 

This visual collaborative platform has simplified data sharing by centralizing all information in one place, even when team members are not physically on the same premises.

As a result, communication with employees has been enriched by greater interactivity, greatly enhancing their efficiency. What's more, when employees return from vacation or parental leave, both internal and external staff feel immediately reintegrated into the team dynamic.

Another benefit lies in Klaxoon's versatility: Laura can easily add participants to Boards, enabling them to contribute without the need for a dedicated account. 

Buoyed by the success of this digital adoption, all the other managers Laura works with at IPSEN are now considering using similar Boards for their team rituals too. For her part, she has diversified her practices by creating specific onboarding Boards for new team members.

Laura Lanchy: "Newcomers will only spend 2 hours looking at who's on the team, who does what, projects, objectives and priorities." | Klaxoon

All in all, for Laura's team, the adoption of Klaxoon has been a success, bringing real added value to team management and the overall work process.

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