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How to get high-quality feedback from a seamless, interactive workshop?


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Jessica Wheaton
Learning and Culture Manager at Mazars

Jessica Wheaton is Learning and Culture Manager at Mazars. Working in the company’s Human Resources department, Jessica leads the HR, Learning & Development (L&D) community within the organization. To examine and improve a sustainable development training module, Jessica needs to get global, accurate and consolidated feedback from everyone involved. To get it quickly and efficiently, she uses Klaxoon’s Session tool, and collects information from more than 300 people.

The challenge: get high-quality feedback from colleagues all over the world

As Learning and Culture Manager, Jessica Wheaton is responsible for facilitating professional training within Mazars. This role, combining marketing, digital services and human resources, involves internal and external communication as well as developing initiatives and innovative learning programs. She manages a community of more than 300 people, including members of the HR, Communication and CSR teams, to provide sustainable development training. This is an essential community for Jessica: "These 300 people are the leading ambassadors for the program, so it is vital to keep them engaged and informed."

Since this training is open to all Mazars teams around the world, it is important for Jessica to get feedback from this international community, because they are "the group torchbearers on a local level." Jessica tries to get as much information and as many opinions as possible about deployment, communication, content and improvement opportunities to ensure that this training program is a success.

As this training is fully digitized, it is impossible to bring the community together to retrieve all this information.

For maximum participation and the best ideas, Jessica has chosen Klaxoon. She decided to use Session to solicit the opinions she needs.

The solution: a mix of Klaxoon tools to get as much information as possible

At Mazars, teams are used to Klaxoon tools, particularly Question and Survey to solicit opinions. But only for in-person seminars, as Jessica says, to "warm up the crowd."

To make the webinar as interactive as possible, Jessica decided to use Klaxoon Session. This is a tool that can be used to facilitate seamless and interactive workshops in real time.

To prepare the webinar, Jessica integrates the slides from her presentation directly into Klaxoon to present them throughout the session. In her opinion, this is particularly good for the momentum of her presentation: "Integrating my presentation directly helped me a lot because I didn't need to juggle several tools." A real bonus for more immersion.

Jessica enhances this presentation with the help of various ready-to-use activities. Session, for example, helps to boost live participation with votes, polls, challenges and word clouds. The seamless nature means that everyone sees the same content, can react and find out the group’s opinion in real time.

When she launches the workshop, Jessica follows a proven methodology. "I always start with a slightly offbeat question, such as "What shoes do you wear when working from home?" There are two reasons for this, first to check that everyone is connected and knows how to use Klaxoon, and then to break the ice."

An example of an offbeat question to start the Session. | Klaxoon
An offbeat question to start the Session.

Remember that icebreakers are very useful for getting people to participate in any workshop.

Depending on the topics, Jessica continues her presentation. To solicit opinions and impressions, she uses word clouds. This highly visual representation immediately identifies the feelings evoked by a topic for the people. To assess the quality of the modules, Jessica also uses Rating Questions.

Finally, she associates a Board with her session. "This takes longer but has the advantage of being truly interactive, with a scope for co-creation with other people." She organizes a very visual and easy-to-install activity by creating a three-way chart based on the strengths and weaknesses of the program:

  • What is working well in green
  • What is not so good in red
  • New ideas in yellow and blue

At a glance, every aspect of the training is visible and can be analyzed. And the report is available in one click.

A team working remotel on Board, sorting their ideas using a color code. | Klaxoon
With a clear color code, the team's ideas are categorized at a glance on Board!

"With all these different options, I can collect accurate feedback from the participants, and generate new ideas that I probably wouldn’t have thought of. And, thanks to Klaxoon, I keep a written record of these exchanges, so that I can refer to it later. For example, I can take a screenshot of the word cloud or notes, extract the ideas in red from the Board, and present it to my managers to discuss new training solutions with them. In fact, this is exactly what we did: after analyzing the ideas in red, we have agreed on 5 areas of improvement."

She can easily reproduce this webinar too. Which is important, because she has to facilitate the same session several times to cover all the time zones of her community. All she has to do is duplicate the activity, in the Session options.

The result: saving time and improving efficiency

Jessica noted a significant improvement in participation in this type of webinar. "Before, there would have only been two or three people who would take the plunge to speak up and participate. Thanks to Klaxoon and the fact that it's anonymous, people feel freer and less shy, so they can participate actively in the meeting."

Jessica also notes that for the written part, multiple-choice questions help to bypass the language barrier. A real benefit for a webinar intended for 300 people in 93 countries.

“Klaxoon also helps structure ideas, conduct more fluid webinars and collect accurate feedback. For my training, this means I can really move forward and improve the product as I go." | Klaxoon

More generally, for Jessica, using Klaxoon has numerous benefits:

  • Facilitate more interactive meetings.
  • Actively engage a large number of people by allowing them to express themselves freely, wherever they are.
  • Easily collect feedback and co-create action plans.
  • Generate reports that can be used immediately.

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