Team Relay: find new ideas by bouncing off what the team says


Team relay

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With the Team Relay template, organize fun and inspiring ideation sessions in small groups to initiate new projects as a team. Collectively, take your thinking to the next level by capitalizing on every idea. This everyday brainstorming tool is perfect for teams of around twelve people.

An effective collaborative creativity workshop

Brainstorming is a way of getting ideas from everyone in a disorderly manner, then ordering and fine-tuning them. We are always more effective working as a team than alone when it comes to generating ideas. With the Team Relay template, everyone bounces ideas off each other to improve them. It’s simple: the first person proposes an idea, passes it to their neighbor who bounces off it before passing it to their neighbor, and so on.

Whether you’re in an in-person meeting or working from home, this brainstorming tool suits all kinds of teamwork, from the most traditional to the most hybrid. Everyone is inspired by other people's ideas and their potential is exploited to the full. You can then use the ideas you get to draw up a team action plan.

Why relying on others makes the brainstorming more effective

Collective creativity can overcome many challenges. When you need to move forward on a topic, setting up a brainstorming session and collecting ideas as a team can be extremely fruitful, more so than working alone in front of a screen. As the old saying goes, “alone we go faster, together we go further”.

In addition, with this brainstorming method you can generate and develop as many ideas as possible with your team, in a very short time. Regardless of your activity and the nature of your projects, this creativity workshop helps you to overcome blockers and any other group inertia. And to move from idea to action, just keep the ideas that you think are most appropriate to implement. This creative and collaborative ideation technique will bring out the best ideas, in a fun and dynamic atmosphere!

Catch up with your team directly on the Team Relay Board, wherever you are working from

How to use the Team Relay template for a collaborative brainstorming session

Fill in the topic and date fields so you can track your new project, then invite your team to join you on your Klaxoon whiteboard.

Ask each participant to send their photo and first name in a “sticky” idea, and place it around the circle. Not it's time for round 1: next to their photo, everyone posts the first idea that comes to mind on the topic in question.

Once everyone has had their go, move the photos from one box clockwise to the new circle for round 2. You get to see your collaborator's idea and propose more ideas to improve it.

Use the timer to set one minute per round to keep the momentum going, and keep the ideas flowing! Do five rounds and close the loop.

Now, you have two options to get the most out of this brainstorming session. If you have time, review all the ideas as a team. Use the Question tool to challenge a member of your team if you need to further develop some ideas. Here, all you have to do is transfer what emerges to the “Actions” zone.

However, if you are short in time for your workshop, ask everyone to individually like the most appropriate ideas according to them. You can switch them to a List view to visualize the group's favorites, and then transfer the ones you choose to the same zone as before.

All you have to do is propose actions, in a different color, and associate them with the ideas using connectors. Don’t forget to add the person responsible and a deadline to each idea, as Dimensions, and there you have your action plan!

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