Klaxoon Training Suite

With this all-in-one workspace, revolutionize your training sessions, courses and onboarding paths by reaching the highest levels of participation. With this extensive set of activities, build a continuous learning experience that matches today's expectations for flexibility.

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Several training situations: large screen presentation, remote Session, Adventure to challenge learners

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember,
engage me and I learn!"

Benjamin Franklin

Engagement comes in all shapes

Turn your participants into actors

Building on the wise words of Benjamin Franklin quoted above, being engaged in a discussion has an undeniably positive effect on the outcomes of the latter. But how does one achieve that, when the average attention span rarely exceeds 20 minutes? With Klaxoon Training Suite, turn your next session into the ultimate flexible, participative and impactful experience!

The trainer tracks participation in his training session through the number of Klaxs and the engagement rate

An extensive suite of diversified activities

Survey, Quiz, Adventure, Mission, Memo. Switch between gamified activities and content share in a click.

Your device of choice

A large touchscreen in class, laptop at home, mobile on the move... Klaxoon is smoothly converted into any format.

Jump in!

Nothing to install. In just a click or flash, jump into any activity.

Adaptability made easy

A flexible solution for today's challenges

Discover a wide range of possibilities to answer the growing need for flexibility: Klaxoon Training Suite is designed to be as efficient in-person as it is remotely, and makes for the perfect inclusion in hybrid settings thanks to its diversity of expression options.

A group of people in a meeting


Take the in-person sessions a step further for a dynamic learning experience.

Hybrid & remote

Enhanced hybrid & remote experiences with highly participative features.

Meeting Board / touchscreens

Run hyper-productive workshops with Klaxoon hardware.

Training, but better

Be the best coach you can be

You've mastered a craft, become an expert at what you do, and you want to pass on that knowledge?
Klaxoon Training Suite offers you easy-to-use and incredibly powerful advanced functionalities to get your message across.

A Memo "Good practices in a client meeting" to read after the training

Get your session up and running before your coffee cools!

With its highly intuitive interface, save time on your session preparation.

Unique options to fine-tune the experience

Pick the rules, define access & editing rights, adjust the tempo... You've got the power!

Tutorials, videos, help center... We've got you covered!

A community of users to share their best practices, and a full library of resources for inspiration.

Keep on growin’

Acquiring new skills is a continuous process

"I'm still learning", said Michelangelo at age 87. And if he is, there really ain't no excuse to stop ourselves. Getting better at what you do is a continuous path, and Klaxoon provides you with all the features you need so that everyone can progress at their own pace.

A person is on his computer where we see a Live launched from a Board

Continuously available

With its content available at anytime, check back on a previous session, take a peak at a next one, and get feedback.

A library of resources

Start a Network with all your activities, and let everyone pick up from what they need.

New dimensions for consultants & trainers

With dozens of possibilities to engage your trainees, build a stellar training experience.

How to make your students participate more in your online classes?
How to turn your training into online sessions with a remote team?
How to reduce training costs? the example of Schneider Electric who saved $1,2M.

An award-winning collaborative tool,
adopted by millions of teams in the world

We have designed an unrivaled range of solutions that helps organizations to easily run efficient and productive workshops. From Fortune 500 companies to NGOs, universities, public authorities and small businesses, millions of teams use Klaxoon to allow their teams to thrive.

Victor Laborde
Learning Manager
L'Oréal - IT EMEA
We manage to find interactivity remotely, and we can do everything, it's all centralized in Klaxoon.
Victor Laborde
Learning Manager
L'Oréal - IT EMEA

Yulia Leborgne
Learning Designer
Sup de Pub
For online or on-site trainings, Klaxoon is a great tool to communicate with participants, dynamize our content and present it in a different way.
Yulia Leborgne
Learning Designer
Sup de Pub
Thierry Rouffet
Senior Consultant
I've truly adopted Klaxoon for all my training sessions: zero slide decks, more time spent on practical exercises, and most importantly it's not only the trainer who teaches anymore: it's the group that interacts.
Thierry Rouffet
Senior Consultant
Peter Quiguer
Group Digital Coordinator
Lesaffre international
We can measure that our 200,000 employees can retain the information we are training them on.
Aleigha Roberts
Security Awareness Training Manager
Delta Airlines
Alban Jacquin
Learning Experience Global Leader
Schneider Electric
Thanks to Klaxoon, we've considerably reduced our training budget ! This year we've reduced our training costs by $1.2M.
Alban Jacquin
Learning Experience Global Leader
Schneider Electric

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