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How to co-create a service offer with your client, remotely in one workshop


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Jean-Pierre Le Padellec
Head of the Lab Design at the Ministry of Armed Forces of France

How can you involve your end client in the process of creating an offer for them remotely? Nothing is impossible at the Lab Design, a unit of the French Ministry of Armed Forces, for which Jean-Pierre Le Padellec works. With his team, he has designed a series of efficient interactive workshops to help overhaul the HR department.

Jean-Pierre Le Padellec is Head of the Lab Design, a unit created within the Ministerial Transformation and Performance Delegation of the French Ministry of Armed Forces.

The Lab Design, consisting of a dozen of problem solving and customer service experts, is responsible for providing change support and new process implementation services.

To do this, Jean-Pierre and his team organize workshops. So, when the HR teams asked them, during the pandemic, to overhaul their value proposition with a new service offering, they decided not to change their habits and prepare a series of efficient workshops.

The challenge: involve the end client in the offer co-creation process, remotely

The only difference, but not the least: the HR teams asking for the Lab Design’s support wanted to provide a service offering closely aligned with the needs of internal end clients, and therefore involve them in the decision-making process and create the value proposition together. 

On the agenda, no less than 13 services to reinvent, from training to employee monitoring, all in accordance with the various confidential processes of the Ministry. And all this while dealing with the health crisis of early 2020, which made it impossible to organize face-to-face workshops. 

And Jean-Pierre and his team wouldn’t let this context prevent them from organizing a series of tailor-made remote workshops, to co-create the new value proposition with the HR teams and the client entities. They just had to find the right tool to collaborate. Very quickly, Klaxoon became the obvious choice.

The solution: create tailor-made ideation workshops on Board

To meet the specific needs of the HR teams, the Lab Design decided to easily create its own template on Board, Klaxoon's digital whiteboard. In just a few clicks, Jean-Pierre and his team structured the space to suit their needs, creating blocks and boxes to accommodate the ideas of all the stakeholders.

Jean-Pierre likes to keep it simple. During each brainstorming workshop, the teams discuss all the services to be transformed. It's the same process for each of them: a table of different colored areas, to keep discussions fact-based.

A team of 4 people gathered on the brainstorming Board through a Live videoconference. | Klaxoon
On Board, each area is visually structured for efficient brainstorming sessions.

The green section in the center is used to introduce the topic by asking “What is it?”. The yellow area on the right is dedicated to the HR team. The blue space, on the left, is specifically designed for the client entity, whose members are invited to express their point of view as well. All this is more than enough to let everyone have their say and foster collective intelligence.

The last two boxes are part of the Lab Design's initiative to continuously improve its methods and tools, and can be used to make suggestions and highlight any possible problems.

Discovering and trying out the tool asynchronously

Two days before the day of the workshop, Jean-Pierre opens the Board. He invites participants to join it asynchronously, whenever it suits them before the workshop begins.

Jean-Pierre Le Padellec: "If you can’t come to the workshop, come to the Board whenever you want, it’s open 24 hours a day!" | Klaxoon

Jean-Pierre did this for two reasons:

  • First, to introduce Board and Klaxoon to the people who don’t know anything about it, so they can learn how to use it. 
  • Then, to give them time to reflect, and let them post their ideas at their own pace. It also means that the people who can't attend can still share their ideas on the Board with the rest of the team. This way, no (good) ideas are lost.

Getting everyone warmed up with an icebreaker

On the day of the workshop, 15 people join Board through Live, its built-in videoconferencing tool. Jean-Pierre starts with an icebreaker to energize the workshop. 

This is the perfect exercise to break the ice, let everyone have their say, create bonds and warm up the team. But Jean-Pierre also uses the icebreaker as a pretext to use the tool in a new way. In only a few minutes, the representatives from the different teams are able to get to know each other, and get to grips with the tool.

On a desktop screen, a Board is open with an icebreaker to warm up the team. | Klaxoon
During this icebreaker, each participant adds their ideas in the areas that best suit them, and then the team discusses all the shared ideas.

Brainstorming effectively as a team during the workshop

After being reminded of the context, the issues and the goal, the teams are ready to get to the core of this workshop with the collective ideation session

To do this, everyone is invited to post their ideas in the different areas designed by Jean-Pierre. The members of the Lab Design, the HR team and the client entity work as one team to fill in the boxes and answer the following key questions: 

  • What is the role of each service to be revamped? 
  • What are the associated risks and opportunities?

Jean-Pierre uses the idea categorization feature to sort them, and then export the data directly from the Board.

The result: less time spent, more collective intelligence

One of the main benefits for Jean-Pierre is the time saved thanks to Board. Just in terms of data processing, he saves two working days per workshop. Rather than spending up to two full days rewriting all the sticky notes and coming up with a report, now all this only takes two hours

In two clicks, he can export all the information from Board in any format. And all he has to do is duplicating his Board to prepare his next workshop! In total, as part of this transformation process, he has facilitated 4 workshop of 3 hours. And all this during lockdown.

Not only did Klaxoon let Jean-Pierre keep working during 100% remotely (with at least 25 hours of facilitated workshops during this period), but he has also created a sustainable methodology on Board that satisfied all the stakeholders, and actively engaged them in co-creating the value proposition. Since Klaxoon’s tools are perfect for both remote and in-person work!

To finish, Jean-Pierre's has a bonus tip: "Design a Board using the color code for the topic or the client." In a similar vein, start working as a team in one click with the Value Proposition Canvas template. Analyze your client’s expectations, goals and problems to define a value proposition that is right for them. All you have to do is getting started!

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