Value Proposition Canvas: provide an appropriate response to the needs of your customers

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Value Proposition Canvas

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With the Value Proposition Canvas template, analyze as a team the objectives, issues and customer expectations in order to propose an adapted value proposition. Working as a team, define your customers' needs and optimize your value proposition. The "Value Proposition Canvas" consists of two parts: first identifying customer needs, then designing your value proposition. As a team, make sure your proposition fits the bill and that the two parts match up, with a logic of symmetry. Use the Value Proposition Canvas template to visualize both the need and the response to the need in a single space.

With this Template, carry out a strategic analysis of your customers' needs to develop the most adequate answer.

As a team, you build a value proposition: first, identify the scope of the customer's expectations and then visually structure the solution to provide, substantiating its benefits and all that can mitigate the customer's problems. Thanks to this unique visual space, you can easily check the match between their needs and your response.

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