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Value Proposition Canvas

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Use the Value Proposition Canvas to conduct a customer needs analysis to develop the product or service to match their expectations. As a team, follow this method to create a structured value proposition. First, identify all the customer’s expectations, then visually represent the solution with all its matching benefits. The Klaxoon whiteboard is a unique visual tool which makes it easy to work as a team and check your response is relevant to your customer’s needs.

The template to learn how to create a value proposition as a team

Whether you want to respond to a tender or simply validate your new product or service idea, you will need to check that what you provide matches the needs and expectations of your target audience. This is the foundation of a value proposition.

With the Value Proposition Canvas template you no longer risk starting your project management with a potentially inappropriate idea. As a team, create your value proposition based on your customer expectations, needs and issues.

This method of developing a value proposition has two stages. Start by identifying the needs, goals, problems and expectations of your customers, then make sure that your offer is fit for purpose by checking the product matches customer needs. The goal is to work as a team to assess the benefits of your solution and anything that can resolve customer issues.

With a decicated color code for each part of the Board, you can easily visualize the steps of your team thinking.

Use a value proposition design method to avoid project management mistakes

Do you have a great business idea? It's a good start, but it still needs to match the needs of your future customers. This is why validating your value proposition is absolutely vital. Working as a team to do this, before you start the production phase, will let you adjust your idea quickly if need be, or change it to avoid disappointment and unnecessary investment in the long term.

Testing the validity of your idea can be complex without a method, which is why the value proposition canvas can be a huge help. Here, with Klaxoon’s scalable whiteboard you can visually represent your offer depending on what your team thinks it should include. This unique space lets you organize everything in one place. You can easily check both parties’ expectations are met (for example, if the user needs are what you expected in a specific region or context, etc.).

And for an effective teamwork, whether you are meeting in person or some members are working remotely, with Board you can involve all the stakeholders to create the best value proposition.

How to create a value proposition with Klaxoon

Start by inviting all your team members to your whiteboard.

Then launch timed three minute slots, using the timer at the top, while everyone sends their ideas for each category suggested on the Board: objectives (in yellow), problems (in red), customer expectations (in purple), solutions (in green), problem solving (in light blue), benefits and advantages (in dark blue). We recommend that you follow the suggested order, so start with the consumer profile because your value proposition is always based on observing customers. The figures are there to help you.

Then, move on to analysis and getting the team on the same page. Start by voting as a group to choose the best ideas in each category. Everyone clicks on the heart button to vote for their favorite. If you need to examine or clarify an idea, ask the team a Question. Everyone will be able to answer it and see the answers live on the whiteboard. You can then connect the ideas for the value proposition to those in the consumer profile to verify that they meet your customer expectations and needs. You can use quick connectors to link ideas directly, or the connectors available in the Connect tool.

So, launch your project with confidence, and don't forget that you can use your work in the Value Proposition Canvas template to build your business model with the Business Model Canvas template!

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