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Conducting a 100%-remote PI Planning event with 120 people

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Marie-Christine Vuong
Project Manager and Innovation Consultant at Sopra Steria

To prepare and facilitate PI Planning events, Marie-Christine Vuong needed to find new ways of working remotely while continuing to collaborate and maintain everyone's engagement. With Klaxoon, she designs all her workshops on a single Brainstorm. That's the green light for a day of online workshops! All the teams collaborate on the same visual workspace, with a section devoted to each part of the workshop. Unlike in-person workshops, an online PI Planning event enables participants to move from one area to another without disturbing the other teams!

PI Planning, a key SAFe® event

A product of Agile methods, PI Planning is a collection of practices for improving coordination among teams generally made up of different hierarchical levels and distributed over several sites. A variety of workshops are organized over one or two days in order to define the developments required over the next two or three months: Business context, product vision, content planning, architectural vision, retrospectives, team breakout, sprint planning, etc. A vision and objectives for the project are set, the teams synchronize, and projects move forward!

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