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Onboarding Workshop

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Integrating new employees into your teams is a decisive moment not only for them but also for your organization. For the recruiter or manager, it is an opportunity to make a good first impression and to give new arrivals all the tools and information they need to succeed in their new assignments. 

To make this stage as effective as possible, this Onboarding Workshop Session template helps you create a complete and interactive onboarding pathway, combining several activities designed to engage newcomers immediately and over the long term.

Engagement, a Key to Successful Onboarding

Engaging new employees is essential for their success throughout their time with your company. What's more, well-designed onboarding can also help you reduce turnover, boost productivity, and reinforce your corporate culture.

From the very first days, it is important to define your expectations, establish an initial connection with the employees, and convey your organization's values. If the newcomers are engaged from the outset, this can help increase their efficiency and improve their job satisfaction. 

So, effective onboarding is not just about communicating information in a top-down way, but also about interacting with the newcomers to fully understand their own needs and gather their feedback.

Then, how do you maximize employee engagement from the moment they join your team? Here are several dimensions to consider:

  • Creating a sense of belonging: When new employees feel quickly integrated and welcomed, they are more inclined to develop this sense of belonging, which is highly beneficial to them. This can be facilitated by activities that encourage interaction, sharing, and autonomous exploration.
  • Clearly identify roles and expectations: Clear communication about roles, responsibilities, and expectations helps newcomers feel more comfortable and confident in their new position. Structured presentations and open discussion spaces can help at this stage.
  • Encourage active participation: Fostering the active commitment of new employees from their very first days helps them become more involved and feel valued. Interactive activities and real-time feedback are two effective ways of achieving this.

How this Session Improves Employee Engagement from Day One

This Onboarding Workshop Session transforms a top-down onboarding process into an immersive, participative experience that is quick to create and get to grips with. 

By combining a variety of activities such as Quizzes, interactive Questions, presentation slides, and gamified pathways, this Session embeds and empowers your new employees from their very first days.

1. Interaction and Active Participation

The Onboarding Workshop template includes Quizzes and interactive Questions that encourage new employees to get actively involved. 

These activities not only test their knowledge but also encourage discussion and interaction within the group. The Questions can be customized to reflect your company's context, internal processes, or anecdotes, making the experience even more personal and engaging.

2. Visualization and Comprehension

Presentations and slides can also be integrated into the Session, as they provide a clear, structured overview of the most important information. These visual aids facilitate an understanding of roles, responsibilities, and company structure. 

What's more, the content of the Session remains accessible outside the exchange time, asynchronously. In this way, new employees can return to the Session whenever they wish during their first few weeks, and assimilate the information at their own pace.

3. Exploration and Gamification

Another strength of this Session template is that you can also include gamified pathways, such as a Klaxoon Adventure

These immersive activities transform learning into playful exploration, where new employees can discover different facets of the company through challenges and missions. This format makes their integration more memorable and enjoyable while reinforcing knowledge retention.

How to Use this Onboarding Workshop Template on Klaxoon

Building a complete and engaging pathway by using this Onboarding Workshop template is simple and intuitive with the Klaxoon platform

Here are a few key steps to harness the full power of this template:

1. Customize Your Session

Create your own version of this template, then customize its content to reflect your company's specific needs. You can also add other activities, or delete existing ones from our example.

Adapt your Quizzes and Questions to the information you want to convey. Use Boards and slides to present specific data, such as your organizational chart, company values or internal procedures. 

2. Order Your Session

Next, define the order in which you will present your Session activities. Klaxoon allows the facilitator to introduce the activities in the order of their choice, offering great flexibility for structuring the onboarding in a logical and relevant way. Remember to have various formats and activities, to keep participants interested and engaged.

3. Share and Animate Your Session

This Onboarding Workshop Session is designed to be facilitated in real time, enabling direct interaction with your new employees. 

Use Klaxoon's tools to gather instant feedback, answer questions, and adapt the Session’s content according to the needs and reactions of the group. This interactivity boosts engagement and ensures that information is fully understood before moving on.

4. Evaluate Engagement Performance

At the end of the Session, use the data collected through the activities (Quiz results, answers to Questions, feedback) to evaluate the effectiveness of your onboarding pathway. This analysis will enable you to identify the strengths and areas for improvement in welcoming your future talent.

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