Team tasks list: a unique and shared medium to run the actions as they arise

A ready to use template to start working with your team immediately

Team tasks list

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With this free template, all the requests sent to the Team are processed in one place and by taking into account everyone's pace of work.

Receive and process all the team’s incoming tasks, from request to delivery, in one place and without email. Whether you're requesting or completing tasks, each member can send information to one person or several, at their own pace, without disrupting each other. Use Questions so team members get a notification when they receive requests and stay informed on the following conversation. In no time at all, the whole team has an overview of the workload added to the schedule and everyone works efficiently.

Create a to do list to efficiently manage all the tasks that need to be done for a project or a team.

How to be organized efficiently as a team when you receive requests from all sides to produce visuals, deliver documents or simply answer requests? With the Team task list Template, centralize all the requests and call out to each other with Questions. Instead of sending emails, share everything in one place: initial request, decisions and achievements (visuals, links to documents, videos, ...). In no time at all, the whole team has an overview of the requests, the productions as well as everyone's workload.

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