Klaxoon is certified by Qualiopi

Klaxoon is a Qualiopi certified training organization, attesting to a true quality approach in our training actions and programs.


What is Qualiopi?

In France, the Qualiopi certification for training actions is intended for providers of actions aimed at developing skills. It attests to the quality of the training actions carried out and their compliance with the Single National Reference System.

The Qualiopi certification is issued by an approved organization following an on-site audit. To obtain it, the training organization must meet a number of requirements:

  • Communicate accurately about the services, their objectives and their results.
  • Adapt the teaching methods and support provided to their audience.
  • Train with the help of expert trainers, and with coherence of the services in relation to the environment of the training organization.
  • Take into account the appreciations formulated by the trained audience.
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Since 2022, Klaxoon is Qualiopi certified for training actions

At Klaxoon, we nurture thought-sharing, open-mindedness, passion, respect, engagement, ambition and trust. We believe in our human strengths and strive for excellence by taking things very seriously while keeping that touch of playfulness. Our motto: humility, simplicity and kindness.

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How can you ensure the refund of your Klaxoon training?

The Qualiopi certification for training actions makes you eligible for full or partial financial refund of your Klaxoon certification and your Klaxoon Professional Services by public or mutualized funds in France (such as your Competence Operator - OPCO).

Our trainings that can be eligible for refund include:

  • Advanced User Program
  • Drive Change at Scale
  • Change the Way You Work (only for the ANFH OPCO)

Your refund request in 3 steps


your OPCO


Ask your OPCO about the administrative procedures for compiling your application file.

And notify them of Klaxoon's training organization ID: 53351193435


once you receive the answer from your OPCO

Contact us once you receive the answer from your OPCO

Our advisors are available to tell you about our training program.
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