BCG Matrix: analyze your activities and prioritize actions

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BCG® Matrix

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Discover the BCG Matrix Template to make strategic decisions with your team and to prioritize the actions to be taken.Map and analyze your activities and products as a team to make sound decisions together.How do you allocate a company's resources between different areas of activity? Which ones should be invested in and which ones should be discontinued?With the Boston Consulting Group (BCG®) matrix, analyze the positioning of each of the company's products according to market growth and their competitive advantages. Results? Together, you can manage the balance of your portfolio activities in order to prioritize strategic actions to be carried out.

Need to analyse your business portfolio with your team? Lean on the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix.

Thanks to the BCG Matrix Template, build all your reflection steps as a team and in one place: identify the key datas, cross them, vote live and exchange to finalize your activities' positioning on the matrix. Visualize immediately, the balance of your portfolio and decide on the priority actions to carry out. A true collaborative strategic analysis tool!

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