Sales Onboarding: A Challenge to Quickly Assimilate the Team's Sales Methods


Sales Methods Challenge

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Successfully integrating new staff into your sales team is an essential step towards maximizing their effectiveness and motivation over the long term. As is often the case when using reference sales methods daily, you need to get newcomers up to speed quickly. 

This Sales Methods Challenge Adventure template is specially designed to make this step easier and quicker. By transforming onboarding into an interactive challenge, this immersive course enables new arrivals not only to familiarize themselves with the sales techniques they need to master but also to integrate smoothly and actively into their new team. This dynamic approach promotes better retention of information and strengthens team cohesion from the very first interactions.

How does an interactive challenge speed up and simplify sales onboarding?

The interactive sales challenge method uses a dynamic and engaging approach to teach sales fundamentals to new team members. It takes advantage of gamification to transform learning into a dynamic and stimulating experience

Through a competitive format, challenge participants are invited to put their knowledge into practice in real-life situations.

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After a short reminder of the sales method covered, participants move on to practice and earn points by answering questions.

The effectiveness of this method lies in its ability to actively involve learners, reinforcing their understanding and retention of the sales techniques you use with your prospects every day. What is more, this method encourages new recruits to interact with their colleagues, fostering integration and the development of team cohesion right from the start. 

By confronting participants with realistic scenarios and asking them to solve concrete problems, they can quickly acquire a practical understanding of sales methods such as AIDA, BATNA, DISC, and SPIN, tailored to the specific needs of their role and industry.

This approach not only arouses the curiosity of new employees but also keeps them engaged and motivated to learn, increasing the chances of a rapid and effective rise in competence.

Why use this Adventure for your sales onboarding?

Klaxoon's Sales Methods Challenge Adventure is the ideal solution to facilitate your sales onboarding, as it presents all the benefits of an interactive challenge in the form of an immersive gamified course.

With this Adventure template, you focus on three fundamental aspects of your onboarding experience:

  • Interactivity: Klaxoon's collaborative tools, such as Quizzes and Surveys, can be integrated into your Adventure, transforming learning into a more dynamic experience. Therefore, new employees are not only observers but also actors in their training, stimulating their commitment and reinforcing their mastery of sales techniques.
  • Customization: Each company faces unique challenges, requiring an approach based on different sales techniques. The Sales Methods Challenge Adventure lets you easily customize its content to reflect your team's strategies and the realities of the market in which they operate. Thanks to personalization features, the concepts learned can be immediately applied by newcomers on a daily basis.
  • Progress tracking: Klaxoon's analytical features enable you to track participants' interactions with the Adventure and their progress in real time. In this way, you can quickly identify what each new employee has learned and where he or she needs to improve, enabling you to adjust the rest of the training to make it more effective.

Not to mention that this course is an excellent way of breaking the ice between new arrivals and more experienced team members. By taking part in this Adventure together, they build strong working relationships, which is essential for a successful sales team. What is more, by integrating elements of play and competition, Klaxoon helps to create a work environment that is both stimulating and collaborative, encouraging a positive and dynamic corporate culture.

How can I use this Adventure with Klaxoon?

Integrating the Sales Methods Challenge Adventure into your sales onboarding practices is easy with Klaxoon:

  1. Creating the Adventure: Start by creating your version of the Adventure template, either directly from this page or from the activity creation menu in your Klaxoon account.
  2. Customize the template: Then, adapt the content of your Adventure to your company's specific sales methods, which may differ from those shown in the example (AIDA, BATNA, DISC, and SPIN). Be sure to vary the format of the questions asked (MCQs, fill-in-the-blank texts, open-ended questions, etc.), and adjust the number of levels and distribution of points.
  3. Launch the activity: Invite your team members to join the Adventure via Klaxoon, using their email address, or by sharing the access code directly with them. Organize a launch session to explain the objectives and how the game works.
  4. Monitoring and feedback: Use Klaxoon's monitoring tools to observe participants' interactions and progress, either synchronously during a dedicated session or asynchronously. Give them regular feedback, and adjust the content of the Adventure as required.

If you would like to take your knowledge of sales methods a step further, you can also try out our dedicated Quiz.

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