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Team Planning

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To get everyone organized and for better teamwork, there's nothing like a shared work schedule. With the Team Planning template, you can record and see everyone's tasks, and distribute your actions and workload for seamless team management. You can adjust your schedule in real time, and see whether you have the capacity to launch new projects at the same moment!

Discover the shared work schedule for better teamwork

For effective team organization, there’s nothing better than having a shared schedule. With the Team Planning template, you can share your workload in real time, as the days and weeks go by.

Whether you’re taking stock in a meeting or working asynchronously, all the team members can adjust their tasks on the shared work schedule based on time requirements, unforeseen things and availability. And, as a group, you can adapt it to new demands depending on your team rituals, leaves and anything else that evolves in the team's day-to-day life. Better task distribution and staying up to date live means better teamwork. 

The result? At a glance, the entire team can see their capacity to take on new projects, and each team member can anticipate the team's workload.

The Team Planning template provides a clear and visual overview of your various topics and projects.

Why share a team work schedule online?

First of all, because you will save time! Effective teamwork requires organization, and if everyone had to keep their own Excel schedule up to date, you would spend an inordinate amount of time sharing them all together regularly to find out where everyone’s at with their tasks. 

With this shared team planning, you can:

  • See how your colleagues are progressing, and anticipate the future workload too. You will always be one step ahead!
  • Call out to each other directly on this planning, by asking your questions in the way that is the most relevant for you. It can be a Vote Question to ask if a colleague can take over an action for you, a Rating Question to give your opinion, or an open Question to discuss just like you would do in a chat on a specific topic or idea. Everything remains in the same space!

It will make team management easier as well. No unexpected incident, problem or even planned leave will ever go unnoticed, and you will be able to adapt human and material resources flexibly in real time to suit your needs. This way, you can constantly manage the team's workload, to make sure everything runs smoothly with seamless deliveries.

What's more, in our new hybrid work environments, it’s important to stay in touch with other parts of the business that you don’t necessarily have contact with on a daily basis. All this is possible with this online work schedule template. While a regular team sync-up will mean you have good schedule management, Klaxoon’s whiteboard gives you the flexibility to update your tasks anytime and from anywhere, even if you’re working remotely.

Create an online team planning with Klaxoon

Start by customizing your team work schedule by adding each member’s name in the boxes above the tables. Then, invite them to your whiteboard and ask them to add their photo to the idea with their name on it. 

The Team Planning template has a pre-set color key:

  • Red: Busy
  • Light green: Free/Working remotely
  • Light blue: Do not disturb
  • Pink: Off/On leave

You can use this color key to categorize your ideas, but also feel free to go to the Options menu, at the bottom right of your Board, to use the Categories and Dimensions features that are designed for this purpose.

Once the meeting is kicked off, everyone fills their column with their ideas in the appropriate colors, and adds the time frame for each task as a Dimension. You can quiz each other at any time by asking a Question under any idea. Your colleagues are notified immediately, so that everyone can respond as soon as they are available, even outside sync-up meetings.

Everyone can open and edit the whiteboard however they want. You can organize sync-up meetings with everybody or just a few team members, whether you're in a room together or working remotely. You can even use the Synchro Board feature, so that everyone can follow the facilitator’s view on the Board. Everything’s here to make your schedule adjustments smooth and easy!

And if you’re a Klaxoon enthusiast, you can also add this team planning to your favorite activities. Just go to the homepage, click on the activity, and then on Add to favorites on the right. That way, your schedule is available in one click!

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