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Team mood forecast

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The Team Mood Forecast helps everyone feel heard and develops empathy within the group. Each participant takes the time to identify their emotions and their mood at any given moment to explain how they're feeling to others. You can use weather symbols or emojis that match your mood. The ideal tool for seamless communication and teamwork!

Team Mood Forecast, a management tool for better teamwork, even in remote work

The well-known expression "taking the temperature" to assess the atmosphere or the state of mind of a group shows us how crucial this step is to interact with several people, and therefore work as a team.

With the Team Mood ForecastTemplate, visually express your state of mind to your team, and stay tuned to each other. In about 10 minutes (depending on the size of your team), you will energize the exchanges in a kind way.

All team members indicate their mood of the day with a pictogram. This is made very simple because you can post images as easily as you can post text on Board. For this, you can refer to any of the following weather representations: sun, clouds, storm, rain..., or any emoticon, simply remove the background that you do not use to lighten the whiteboard.

Whether your team is face-to-face, in remote work, or working in hybrid mode with some participants on site and others remotely, this introductory activity easily adapts to all meeting formats.

As an icebreaker to start a workshop, or as a new daily or weekly team ritual, get started to work better together!

A team meeting in videoconference on a Team Mood Forecast Template, where several people added their picture in the areas dedicated to express their mood of the day. | Klaxoon
At a glance, it's easy to understand the state of mind of the team, and then pay attention to everyone.

Improving work relationships, motivating a team, fostering empathy: the many benefits of a Team Mood Forecast

The smooth running of a team largely depends on the state of mind of all its members. It is essential to know what level the morale of the troops is at! This will inevitably influence the way in which future teamwork will take place.

As remote work is becoming more and more common in today's hybrid work environment, participating in a Team Mood Forecast before starting a meeting or a specific workshop offers a privileged time for listening and empathy, and allows you to keep concrete bonds with your collaborators.

No justification is required, just identify your emotions and express yourself freely. The Team Mood Forecast then allows to develop mutual aid when one of you needs it, and serves as a barometer to progress at best as a team. Especially if your mood of the day is related to work, colleagues will be able to offer their help thanks to this Template!

This eventually fosters an empathetic and sincere attitude among team members, and lays the foundation for a hassle-free environment for working together on upcoming projects.

It is also a time for giving everyone a first opportunity to express themselves in a meeting. By feeling considered, even less extrovert people will feel more comfortable bringing ideas to the team. This will build trust and break down barriers, especially if some of the participants do not know each other.

Learn how to run a Team Mood Forecast with Klaxoon

The Team Mood Forecast Template can be used in two ways:

  • The world weather map
  • A wheel representing a mood barometer

Start by choosing the one that inspires you the most, and remove the other one so you have more space.

Then invite your team members to the Board. Launch a Live videoconference directly on your Board, and get all the team gathered in the same virtual workspace.

Each person then posts an idea containing a selfie, image or GIF representing them and, if there are many of you, their first name, to the spot on the board or barometer that best matches their current mood.

Participants can then take a few minutes to explain why they placed their mood there. There is no obligation to do so, of course, but this way, you can find out whether their mood is influenced by work and whether anything can be done to help. That’s all it takes for more effective and effortless teamwork!

If you want to get the most out of this Team Mood Forecast, set a one-minute timer and invite your team members to add ideas in the boxes provided for this purpose; this can be something your team loved, a flop or just some information they want to share!

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