Team Mood Forecast: a picture of the group's mood

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Team mood forecast

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The Team Mood Forecast helps everyone feel heard and develops empathy within the group. Each participant takes the time to identify their emotions and their mood at any given moment to explain how they're feeling to others. You can use weather symbols or emojis that match your mood. The ideal tool for seamless communication and teamwork!

The mood forecast, a management tool to improve teamwork

The well-known phrase “taking the temperature” to gauge a group’s mood shows how crucial this step is for collaboration and teamwork.

With the Team Mood Forecast template, express your mood visually to the team and make sure you listen to each other.

All the team members sum up their mood that day using a pictogram. You can use weather symbols such as sun, clouds, storm and rain or emojis. Just make sure to delete the background to keep the whiteboard looking bright.

As an icebreaker to start a workshop, or as a new daily or weekly team ritual, start working better together, face to face or remotely!

Improve relationships, motivate your team and promote empathy

These are just some of the benefits of the Team Mood Forecast.

A large part of the way a team works depends on the mood of all of its members. It’s essential to gauge the morale of the troops!

As working from home becomes more common in new, modern hybrid work environments, using a Team Mood Forecast before starting a specific meeting or workshop creates time to listen and empathize and build solid relationships with your employees.

No explanation needed, people identify their emotions and express themselves freely. The Team Mood Forecast encourages everyone to help each other when they need it, and serves as a barometer to find your way as a team.

Moreover, if your mood that day is influenced by work-related factors, colleagues can use this template to offer you help!

Learn to present the Team Mood Forecast with Klaxoon

The Team Mood Forecast template can be used in two ways: the world weather map, or a wheel representing a mood barometer. Start by choosing the one that inspires you the most and remove the other one so you have more space.

Then, invite your team members on your Board. Everyone then posts an idea containing a selfie and, if there are lots of you, their first name, in the place on the map or barometer that best matches their mood at that moment.

Participants can then take a few minutes to explain why they placed their mood there. This way you find out whether their mood is influenced by work and whether anything can be done to help. That’s all it takes for more effective and effortless teamwork!

If you want to get the most out of this Team Mood Forecast, set a one-minute timer and invite your team members to add ideas in the boxes provided for this purpose; this can be a heart, a flop or just some information they want to share!

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