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A challenge to be organized internally, or a training experience to be evaluated? Many situations in the workplace lend themselves to knowledge sharing between members of a group. 

To validate what has been learned and ensure that the information has been retained, this interactive Quiz template "Test your knowledge" can be easily adapted to any context, and shared with participants following an exchange or workshop.

Test Your Knowledge through Interaction 

In a professional environment, cohesion and performance depend heavily on continuous learning within teams. Whether through training, challenges, or collaborative workshops, interaction is at the heart of the transmission of information between individuals.

So, when it comes to testing their knowledge on any subject, it is important to maintain this interactivity. Not only does this help to make participants truly actors in their learning, but it also facilitates the assimilation and long-term retention of the information shared.

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For example, using visual and interactive activities can significantly accelerate information retention.

What's more, regularly testing your knowledge gives you the keys to collectively improving your day-to-day work:

  • Identify Areas for Improvement: This helps to uncover common areas for improvement within a group and offers the opportunity to remedy them together.
  • Foster Team Spirit: This encourages collaboration and can turn learning into a competitive and engaging activity.
  • Facilitate the Integration of New Employees: In the case of onboarding, new team members can quickly get up to speed on how the company works, making their integration easier.
  • Updating Skills: In a working environment where procedures and tools evolve rapidly, a regular review helps keep everyone up to date with the latest developments in the organization.

Why Use this Quiz to Test Your Team's Knowledge?

Fast, interactive, and easily recognizable, quizzes are an ideal format for assessing a group's learning under any circumstances. That's why we've created this "Test Your Knowledge" Quiz template, which you can simply adapt to your context or needs in just a few clicks, and share with your colleagues and learners wherever they are.

This Quiz also offers many other benefits:

  • Simplified Preparation: As a facilitator, you save precious time in preparing your assessment modules. What's more, if you later wish to repeat the Quiz with another group of participants, all you have to do is duplicate your template and adjust it as required.
  • Measuring and Improving Engagement: This template offers a wide range of question types to punctuate the evaluation and increase participant engagement: single or multiple choice questions, fill-in-the-blank texts, visual association and memorization mini-games, etc. 
  • Accessible Anytime, Anywhere: Need to refresh your memory? Your team can retrieve the answers to the Quiz from the Klaxoon platform at any time. 
  • Consolidated Data: With this Quiz, Klaxoon provides you with real-time engagement results on the completion and results of the activity. This enables evaluators to identify areas for further study and make better-informed decisions to improve their workshops or training courses. 

How to Use this Quiz in the Klaxoon Collaborative Platform

By using this ready-to-use "Test your knowledge" Quiz template, you can easily create an active learning environment that fosters a culture of continuous improvement. Here are the steps you need to follow to launch this Quiz:

1. Preparation

Start by clearly defining the objectives of your quiz. Select the areas of knowledge you wish to explore and prepare a series of questions to assess the associated learning.

Then, in Klaxoon, choose the "Test your knowledge" Quiz template from the Quiz creation menu. This template uses the example of questions about the internal organization of a company to show you some of the possible question formats.

From this template, you can edit questions, and delete or add new ones, according to your own needs and context. You can also modify the Quiz participation rules (free or facilitator-controlled progress, etc.).

2. Launch and Participation

Once your Quiz is ready, share the activity link with your participants, or invite them directly using their e-mail addresses. Make sure all participants are logged in and ready before you start.

3. Analysis and Continuous Improvement 

At the end of the Quiz, review the consolidated results provided by Klaxoon to assess the group's performance, and identify areas that need to be reviewed or deepened. You can then either organize a session dedicated to this review with your team or share the takeaways with them asynchronously.

Similarly, don't hesitate to ask participants for regular feedback to revise and update the content of your Quiz. This ensures that the information remains up to date and that your learning method is always in tune with the needs of the group.

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