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Jérôme Hedan & Nelly Pierre-Justin
ENGIE Solutions Engineering, Innovation Manager & Marketing Officer

Reinventing one's remote working practices is a real challenge. With lockdown, Jérôme Hedan and Nelly Pierre-Justin, both working in the Innovation and Digital Transformation team at ENGIE Solutions Engineering, found themselves faced with a major problem: how to adapt and run their synchronization workshop between manager and employee so that it could take place remotely. And everything worked wonderfully, thanks to Board, they managed to save their team ritual.

Adapting a weekly remote synchronization workshop

Before the lockdown, Jérôme, Innovation Manager, and Nelly, Marketing Officer, used to meet face-to-face to review the current issues. The report of their exchanges was made on OneNote, then shared by sending a summary email afterwards. They both work on a daily basis within the Innovation and Digital Transformation team, a division in charge of the deployment and implementation of new tools for ENGIE Solutions Engineering employees. 

With the health crisis and its disruptions, needs have changed: Jérôme and Nelly had to completely review the format of their synchronization point in order to continue to communicate regularly and effectively, even remotely. For them, there was no way to abandon this privileged moment between employee and manager, essential to be efficient and to establish a climate of trust.

Without wasting time, they are looking for a more visual tool, allowing them to organize themselves, to work anytime, asynchronously, and giving direct access to information. The objective is to make their exchanges as dynamic as possible and to centralize communications in this uncertain period of organizational transition. 

Klaxoon accessible directly from Microsoft Teams

Nelly and Jérôme quickly discovered the possibility of accessing Klaxoon's various collaborative tools directly from the Teams platform, the preferred communication channel for their team. 

As they are both accustomed to using Teams on a daily basis, they see a real benefit to this interoperability as it allows them to collaborate more efficiently, without having to use an additional tool, which represents a considerable time saving. 

As members of the Innovation and Digital Transformation team, Nelly and Jérôme can thus propagate the new uses offered by the association of the two tools to facilitate teamwork.

Personalize the workshop between manager and collaborator with the One-on-one method

Board adapts to all needs

Nelly sets out to create a Board. To adapt this infinite digital whiteboard to their weekly exchanges, she opts to use the One-on-one method, available in the template library.

The principle is simple, this template offers a personalized space specially dedicated to the follow-up of the collaborator, to accompany him and follow his progress on a daily basis, which seems to correspond fully to their needs. 

Nelly and Jérôme take thirty minutes every Monday to synchronize as a team, so that all the shared information is written and kept in the same place, on the Board, in a very visual way. 

To go further, Nelly and Jérôme decided to personalize their Board in order to adapt it to their situation and needs. Everyone is free to consult and complete this visual space whenever they want, asynchronously. 

To conduct their new ritual, their Board is divided into three parts: 

  1. The schedule offers visibility over the next six weeks.  On their respective lines, Nelly and Jérôme add their missions as they go along for the projects they have in common. The central part of the schedule highlights the emergencies and points not to be forgotten.
  2. The idea box offers a space where you can centralize all the ideas you think of.  It allows you to anticipate the launch of certain projects, to keep an eye on things and therefore to save time.
  3. The task management matrix is used to prioritize and manage the urgency of the various tasks to be completed. By classifying them according to their degree of importance, it is possible to plan and evaluate the workload.

The different parts that make up the Board form a coherent and complementary whole. Nelly and Jérôme pick up elements from the idea box and insert them into the task management matrix. According to the urgency, the tasks are assigned to the planning of each person.

The visual management optimized during the workshop thanks to the different functionalities

On their Board, they use several functionalities allowing them to gain in efficiency and to enrich their exchanges thanks to the visual management: 

  • Categories. Assign a category to each idea to classify it according to a predefined theme: "tool training", "offer marketing", "challenge communication"...
  • Colors. Use color coding to track the progress of each task: red for "to do" tasks, orange for "in progress" tasks and green when "completed". 
  • Dimensions. Indicate the deadlines for the different tasks in order to better organize, respect the schedule and prioritize possible emergencies. 

What benefits for the workshop?

A more visual and fluid communication

Their Monday workshop has become the right time to share regularly the feelings, the different blocking points, the important information and more globally, to collect feedback. 

Their exchanges are richer, more efficient, more visual and interactive since they have direct access to information, more topics are addressed, with better visibility on deadlines and good management in the distribution of tasks. Even remotely, they are more proactive and save time in execution thanks to the interoperability with Teams

Board to run virtual AND physical workshops!  

"The advantage is that today we know that we can possibly come back to face-to-face in a hybrid format and our Klaxoon Board adapts, nothing prevents us from using Klaxoon at the office or while remotely working." Jérôme Hedan, Innovation Manager

Board allows them to efficiently manage their synchronization point, whether they are working from home or from the office. Jérôme and Nelly centralize all their information and gain efficiency in their organization. No more reports and endless lists! 

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