Klaxoon is all set for the Route du Rhum!


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Last week, under a glorious blue sky, the Klaxoon yacht sailed out of its home port of Saint-Quay-Portrieux, bound for Saint-Malo. After months and months of preparation, the Klaxoon Class 40 and its skipper Jean-Marie Loirat are all set for the start of the Route du Rhum. The adventure begins now, and you can follow it with Klaxoon!

Klaxoon takes to the waves for the first time

One by one, the 123 yachts registered for this legendary race have tied up in the port of Saint-Malo. Between now and 4 November, some three million visitors will visit to admire the boats and perhaps chat to the skippers. Last week-end, Jean-Marie Loirat and the Klaxoon Class 40 sailed into Saint-Malo and tied up at Pontoon C in the Vauban Marina. After 18 months of hard work, emotions were running high.

"So much effort and so many dreams go into a Route du Rhum, and so proud to see Jean-Marie and the yacht in top form for this maiden entry", tweeted Matthieu Beucher, CEO and Founder, Klaxoon.
The Class 40 in the Vauban Marina, Saint-Malo, ready to depart for the Route du Rhum.
The Klaxoon main sail hoisted among the 123 yachts entered for the Route du Rhum.

There are just a few days to go now before the start of the fortieth Route du Rhum single-handed race.

Klaxoon is fully immersed in the event

At the heart of the Route du Rhum village, just opposite the yacht, the team on the stand in hall 13 is proud to explain the company’s background. Klaxoon was founded in Rennes less than four years ago. The company is currently expanding rapidly and expect to recruit 150 staff this year, creating 100 jobs in the Rennes area. The event was an opportunity for the general public to learn more about the company that is revolutionising meetings!

On the stand, people of all ages were invited to post their photos and messages of support in a Route du Rhum brainstorming session. Demos of the Klaxoon solution are also organized in an amphitheatre created for the occasion.

Dream big!

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