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Within the innovation agency Furious Intent, Sophie Malherbe, co-founder, and Julien Vachelard, innovation manager, accompany companies in building their future with the Design Thinking approach. They use Klaxoon for remote sprints. Their clients connect to a Brainstorm controlled by the facilitator, and the sessions are always done with Timer. This way, the attention of the participants is total.

It's collaborative, but it also facilitates the process; that's one of the things that we liked about Klaxoon! It boosts idea generation!
Sophie Malherbe & Julien Vachelard

With Brainstorm, the facilitators Julien and Sophie lead richer ideation sessions.

By organizing remote workshops with Klaxoon, the Furious Intent team has maintained the quality of its innovative sprints. The team appreciates, in particular, the use of the "animator control mode" to fully occupy a facilitator role, or the Timer to generate as many ideas as possible in a minimum time period.

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Design Thinking: brainstorming methods to create and innovate


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