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Mathieu Guenroc
Sales Manager, Crédit Agricole Côtes d'Armor

Mathieu supervises a Visual Management project within the Crédit Agricole agencies from the Côtes d'Armor department. Every morning, each agency starts its day with a 15 minutes team brief on a Klaxoon Board. The whole team gathers together at 8:30am sharp to be fully operational with the clients when the agency opens. The objective of this meeting is to coordinate the daily actions, to talk about substantive topics but also to improve exchanges. Board enables to facilitate efficiently daily points.

The challenge: a daily team ritual to synchronize

Every morning at 8:30am, each Credit Agricole team in the Côtes d'Armor department gathers together around a Meeting Board in its agency or remotely from any digital device. In collaborative spaces or in the coffee room, the Meeting Board which is a collaborative and mobile working space, enables the teams to gather together while leaving the conventional meeting room. Prior to the meeting, each member sends its ideas according to a color legend to inform, share and discuss about the agency's news and the ongoing actions. In 15 minutes, everyone gets to speak and the team is synchronized on the day to come.

The solution: boost the teams’ morning meetings, in max 15 minutes, thanks to Klaxoon’s highly participative meeting template and Board

Daily team meetings. Now that’s an important topic! And one that comes with plenty of tough problems to solve. For example, one survey reveals that 52% of meeting participants view meetings as a waste of time (source: Opinion Way). Clearly, meeting managers need to look for any means possible to transform their meetings.

A modern meeting must also meet best-practice business principles, i.e. be more horizontal (not top down), and allow each participant to communicate a maximum of relevant information. In short, meetings must become smarter, shorter, more efficient, and require less planning time.

The role of people like Mathieu Guenroc is just that, coming up with way to help his team innovatively optimize daily meetings. To do that, Mathieu chose Klaxoon!

Join Mathieu Guenroc by choosing to visually manage your daily team meetings too

Mathieu Guenroc has been a marketing manager at Crédit Agricole in France’s Côtes d’Armor department since the early 2000s. He says a constant headache is:

“How to use visual management tools to transform old-style team meetings into something where team members enjoy greater freedom and participate much more actively?”

Mathieu found no easy answers. Till he discovered Klaxoon in 2019! Since then he’s been gradually adopting the full range of solutions Klaxoon offers on holding productive remote as well as in-house meetings!

Nicholas, a consultant at Klaxoon, helped Mathieu master Klaxoon’s tools. In very little time, Mathieu was thus able to define the aims, identify obstacles and find solutions to their meeting problems, like:

  • Daily meetings were not reactive and direct enough, and failed to fully serve the team’s objectives.
  • The meeting manager had to act like a superhero managing everything all the time, in top-down fashion. Participants were inactive, and team briefings inefficient.
  • Outside of meetings, team members lacked a joint space to share info or find help. They were in need of a co-working solution.
We wanted out from old-style meetings with tables lined up in a U around a paperboard. We wanted ‘action-reaction’ meetings with live feedback.

So, Mathieu wanted far more efficient morning meetings that take up less of his teams’ time but still maintain a high level of information.

Ideally, their morning meetings had to facilitate teamwork among employees. Additionally, he wanted to improve horizontal management and cooperation. And his team had to have 24/7 access to a board (not only during meetings) that would encourage them to participate and share information more efficiently at any time.

Could all this be achieved with a single tool?

Thanks to Klaxoon’s Board that can be adjusted to everyone’s needs, yes!, as Mathieu was very happy to discover.

Creating a template from the Klaxoon Board to improve your meetings

How to use the Board as project management tool

Mathieu learned how to personalize the Board (basically an endless whiteboard) and tailor it to his team’s needs.

With the integrated toolbar, he organized a series of spaces to allow his colleagues to order their ideas and share things like:

  • text
  • pictures
  • links
  • sketches and drawings, etc.

All of which help him retain control of meetings, in particular by controlling the order of the Board. For Mathieu, this is very important, because he not only uses the Board to manage their morning meetings, but also as a visual project management tool. He can consult the Board at any moment to know where everybody is at. Better still, the Board has become a shared space where his team may share all their ideas and info with him and each other. Mathieu thus built the Board into a centralized, participative project management instrument.

He finds it helps the team present information in a clearer, more visible way. In turn this helps all remember the info displayed there better. Which also makes for leaner management and stronger team dynamics. In short, the Board offers each team member a visual space for much enhanced co-working.

Used daily for morning sync meetings

The Board can also be used to better structure meetings. This saves oodles of time. Mathieu first introduced the new morning meeting solution to his team in February 2020. For a number of weeks, the members tested it, to everybody’s delight. The team pointed out that it:

  • increased the usefulness of meetings thanks to functions like Live Timer, a feature built directly into Board,
  • saved time,
  • improved the quality of information shared,
  • allowed visual management through a tool shared by all team members.

Mathieu concludes that Board helped him recover all of the benefits and reasons for holding morning sync meetings in the first place.

In the morning, meetings must be short and sharp. The Good Morning Meeting template helped us instill good habits. Sharing between members now continues even after meetings.

This success Mathieu was moved to recommend Board to Côte d’Armor’s other Crédit Agricole agencies, many of which switched to Board for their remote morning meetings, using the solution on other videoconferencing platforms (e.g. Zoom, Google Meet, etc.) or in stand-up meeting mode with Meeting Board, a Klaxoon workspace tool that allows intelligent mobile teamwork.

The lockdowns in March 2020 and increase in remote work further strengthened the resolve of his teams to use Board, now to also for remote meetings with the Live tool directly integrated into Board. Discovering this function was a very pleasant surprise for Mathieu and his team. They had no trouble using it. Team members were quick to start using it to stay in touch and report back on work progress.

Klaxoon Board thus enabled Mathieu and his colleagues to preserve their team habit of an early-morning meeting each day, preserving the same quality online now as with physical meetings before, a huge advantage, says Mathieu.

How Mathieu adjusted Board to his particular needs

Thanks to the easily adjustable features of Klaxoon Board, Mathieu gradually tailored it to the particular needs of their morning sync meetings. One feature at a time. With a totally transformed, personalized tool in the end.

The end product involves an easily recognizable series of visual spaces like:

  • A “Framework” part that serves as permanent reminder to team members of the values they signed up to. At the same time, it extends a hearty welcome to new colleagues, and at their first morning meeting will invite them to add a value and sign the charter. Mathieu thus turned a empty block into a commitment between him and his team in keeping with the principles of the Future of Work and horizontal management.
  • A “Share” part that serves to share useful information between team members. This information is available all the time to all each member in his team.
  • A “Welcoming Planning” part that is specific to the needs of Mathieu and his team in that it includes the names of those responsible for welcoming clients to the bank’s agencies. This is proof that Klaxoon’s Board can be adjusted to everybody’s needs, and serve as centralized information platform for the whole team!
  • The heart of the template involves a part Mathieu very aptly decided to call “Team Life”. That’s where one finds the names of team members listed along with an emoticon representative of either their mood, personality or last names. It is displayed in project management table format with columns for emoticons and team member names, and lines for responsibilities or projects. The whiteboard being endless means it can run for several weeks, even months, to offer an overall view of all of the most important projects and keep all in the know both of what’s expected of him/her and where colleagues are at. It’s on this part that the team will focus most during morning sync meetings, or throughout the day, to post their progress, ideas, requests and problems, either by means of post-its or color codes.
  • What else? Space is also provided to signal client satisfaction, team members’ birthdays, vacation planning, etc.

Mathieu has managed to create a space dedicated to every aspect of team life. This helps him optimize teamwork through the wellness factor and sense of belonging it fosters in team members. With well-structured morning sync meetings, team efficiency is kept at an all-time high in as little as 15 to 20 minutes each day.

Klaxoon’s Board has grown to become an indispensable tool to Mathieu and his whole team!

The result: what can I expect from Board if I were to introduce it to our meetings?

What were the biggest gains for Mathieu’s team following their daily use of Klaxoon’s Board?

According to Mathieu, not only did Board meet all of the objectives they hoped it would, but significantly outperformed them!

An improved flow of information thanks to visual management

The first advantage Mathieu and his team noted was that visual management led to a much improved flow of information. At meetings, thanks to the whiteboard, contributors no longer have any difficulty making themselves understood.

And outside of meeting times, the whiteboard helps to reduce the number of emails, formerly team members preferred way of sharing info. Inboxes were overflowing. Today the whiteboard helps identify problem areas, and solve them, much faster than in the past.

A new type of meeting that is more modern and facilitates greater levels of participation

The second main advantage is that meetings have become more spontaneous, more natural, less formal. Which is one thing Mathieu and management wanted, to leave old-fashioned meetings behind and introduce more cooperative, lively, reactive types of meetings.

A more horizontal type of management that allows better co-work

The last big advantage that Mathieu points out is that co-work has become front and center. This, in fact, was Mathieu’s main aim. He wanted to reduce the role of the team manager. It’s still the manager that leads meetings. But team members now drive them and make them come alive. Thus, by playing up member participation through well thought-out, tailored adjustments to Klaxoon’s Board, Mathieu now empowers each meeting participant to take the word at their weekly meetings and make their mark on meeting outcomes.

We went from the superhero manager to an orchestra conductor. He’s still directing proceedings, but it’s the team who now make the music!

You too, come join Mathieu by adopting Klaxoon Board!

Our study of Mathieu Guenroc’s adoption of Board by Klaxoon reveals the following.

  • Their morning meetings have finally become efficient. Lost time is down, information and co-work between colleagues up.
  • Teamwork is front and foremost, and team members actively share information in a shared space, each participant in turn.
  • The manager acts like an orchestra conductor, encouraging all to participate as much as possible.
  • Remote meetings have become just as efficient as office meetings thanks to visual management of information, in a way that helps all better process information.
  • Board can be tailored to the needs of all teams. It must simply be built the way you wish. And those who prefer to use predesigned templates, like Good Morning Meeting, they too will find their preferences are catered for!

Board’s very wide range of options make it perfectly suited to all situations.

Project managers will be particularly appreciative of the template’s project management feature. And of the time limiter in morning meetings.

Klaxoon Board offers managers a tool to encourage colleagues engage more in teamwork and be more proactive.

But most of all, teams as a whole stand to benefit from Board’s invention of a space where each can participate, express their opinions, signal errors, concerns as well as ideas.

Lastly, Klaxoon Board promotes new managerial methods that involve greater levels of listening, group cohesion, horizontal management and co-work.

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