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Now more than ever, trainers need to constantly adapt their methods to stay relevant and competitive. The rise of hybrid working has transformed traditional training practices, demanding innovative, interactive approaches to capturing and maintaining learner engagement from anywhere. 

This ready-to-use Training Session template is a turnkey solution for rapidly creating training courses with diverse content. Let’s see how you can harness the full power of this tool to revolutionize your training, and maximize the interaction and engagement of your participants, wherever they may be.

How Hybrid Working Has Redefined Training

With the democratization of hybrid working, traditional training methods have also had to evolve. Face-to-face training, once the norm, has gradually declined in favor of hybrid or entirely virtual formats. This transformation has necessitated a rethinking of trainer-learner interaction, engagement and knowledge retention.

Hybrid working offers unprecedented flexibility, enabling employees to train at their own pace, synchronously or asynchronously. However, this flexibility also involves a number of challenges. Maintaining the attention and engagement of remote participants requires innovative tools and dynamic approaches. 

This is why trainers are turning to interactive and collaborative solutions that meet all these needs, by redefining the way training courses are designed and delivered.

How this Session Maximizes Engagement in Your Training Courses

Klaxoon's Training Session template is designed to help you maximize engagement in your training courses. It is a unique format that presents a series of interactive and visual activities.

Here is what makes this Session so effective:

  • A Variety of Activities: By combining several Klaxoon activities such as icebreakers, breakout rooms, Quizzes or Surveys, this Session maintains a high level of engagement and participation. Each activity is designed to capture learners' attention, and actively involve them during your training.
  • Continuous Interaction: You can ask interactive Questions throughout the Session to encourage constant participation. Your learners are not passive, they become real players in your training. This also helps them to better assimilate and retain the notions learned over the long term.
  • Greater Flexibility: Simply customize the order and content of the activities to be presented, according to the specific needs of your group. This flexibility allows you to adapt to different learning styles and individual rhythms, making your training more effective and relevant for each participant.
  • Instant Feedback: Ending your Session with a Survey or by asking Questions throughout the activities, is a way of quickly gathering feedback from participants. This helps you assess the effectiveness of your training, and identify areas for improvement in future sessions.

How to Use the Training Session Template with Klaxoon

Using the Training Session template on the Klaxoon collaborative platform is simple and intuitive. Here are the main steps to get you started:

  • Access the Template: Start by creating your own version of this Session template. You can do this directly from this page, or from your Klaxoon account (in the template library or via the Session creation menu).
  • Configure Your Session: Once you have created your template, you can start to customize it. Add information specific to your course: subject, objectives, module-specific content, etc. You can also add, modify or delete activities in the Session, and adjust their order of presentation to suit your preferences.
  • Launch an Icebreaker on Board: In our example, the Training Session starts with an icebreaker on a Board. This activity creates a climate of trust, and allows participants to get to know each other better in just a few minutes. In our template, we offer a selection of icebreakers that you can adapt to your needs, but you can also find many others in our template library.
  • Sign an Attendance Sheet on Board: For a structured follow-up of your training participation, especially in hybrid mode, we recommend that you integrate an interactive sign-in sheet into your Session. This enables you to keep track of attendance, and check that all participants are logged in and ready to follow your training.
  • Run a Participative Workshop: Next, get your learners into the heart of your training module. This can take many forms, depending on your objectives: brainstorming session, visual presentation, team workshop, etc. In our example, we have added a Breakout Rooms Board, a highly effective tool for small-group practice, and perfectly suited to both on-site and remote work.
  • Test Knowledge: After your workshop, you can submit your learners a Quiz to assess their knowledge of the training topic. Quizzes are an excellent way of summarizing key points and ensuring that the information has been assimilated.
  • Gather Feedback: Finally, we recommend that you end your Session with a Survey to gather impressions and feedback from participants.

Thanks to this template, you can transform your training courses into dynamic, interactive experiences, adapted to hybrid work. Klaxoon facilitates this transition with powerful, flexible tools designed to maximize engagement and efficiency in your training courses. Moreover, with all of our templates, you can access real-time statistical reports to gauge engagement, participation and understanding of your activities.

To take things a step further, you can also optimize the preparation of your training courses in advance, by sharing useful resources with your learners with our dedicated Memo.

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