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In vocational training, learning assessment plays a fundamental role in understanding the effectiveness of any module or program. However, this stage still often boils down to passive restitution of knowledge for participants. 

To make this moment dynamic, engaging, and interactive, this Final Assessment Adventure template offers your learners a complete and immersive gamified course. Thanks to this template, you can not only validate their learning but also ensure that notions are assimilated in a lasting way, using a format that enhances their experience of your training.

How does interactivity enhance end-of-training assessment?

In all forms of learning, interactivity is an essential lever for reinforcing information retention and facilitating the application of new knowledge. There are two ways of exploiting interactivity in your training modules:

  • By having learners interact with each other directly, through exchanges or team challenges;
  • By having learners interact with your training content, either synchronously or asynchronously.

Whatever the method used, the aim is to give your learners an active role, rather than asking them for a passive restitution of their knowledge. In a hybrid work context, for example, it may be more effective to share an immersive course with the group, enabling them to assimilate the new notions shared more quickly thanks to the power of visual management.

A person answering a question asked in the Final Assessment Adventure. | Klaxoon
A gamified course facilitates learning and information retention through action.

Why use this Adventure template with your learners?

This Final Assessment Adventure is designed to create an engaging dynamic that stimulates participation and reinforces memorization. What's more, it encourages learners to surpass themselves and compete with each other thanks to game mechanics: levels, points per question, ranking, etc.

What also makes this course interesting is the variety of formats it offers: MCQs, fill-in-the-blank texts, association of ideas or images, etc. Maintaining this variety in the questions asked helps to keep participants interested and engaged, and to adapt to each individual's learning style.

With this ready-to-use course, trainers and facilitators can gain time and efficiency in designing their assessments. The proposed activity is pre-configured following the example of a safety training session, but you can of course reuse this structure and customize it in a few clicks to suit your own needs and training context. 

What is more, if you wish to repeat this Adventure with another group at a later date, you can simply duplicate and rename it from your Klaxoon activities menu.

Last but not least, this Adventure template allows you to evaluate the learning of all participants consistently and transparently, at any time and from anywhere. The use of this tool contributes to better standardization and monitoring of results and offers a clear vision of individual and collective performance.

How to use this Adventure on the Klaxoon platform

Using the Adventure template for your end-of-training evaluations on Klaxoon is simple and intuitive. Here are the key steps to get you started:

  1. Create the template: Create your version of this Adventure template, either directly from this page or from the activity creation menu in your Klaxoon account.
  2. Customize the course: Rename the template, and adapt your Adventure to the needs and specificities of your course. Add or edit questions, and adjust level settings and scoring if necessary.
  3. Launch the Adventure: Once your course has been set up, invite participants to join the activity. Klaxoon makes it easy to share access via a link or code, or by inviting participants directly using their e-mail addresses.
  4. Track results in real time: As participants progress through the Adventure, track their progress and results in real time. Use this data to identify needs for further training, or to adjust the content of future sessions.
  5. Analyze and share results: At the end of the Adventure, analyze overall and individual performance. Klaxoon's analysis features make it easy to visualize and share results with participants and other stakeholders.

By integrating this Adventure into your training practices on Klaxoon, you can energize your end-of-training evaluations, making them more effective and more enjoyable for all participants. This innovative method also encourages greater engagement and constructive feedback, which are both essential for continuous skills improvement.

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