The 8D method: solving a problem efficiently and simply as a team

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The 8D method

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With the 8D Template, find as a team the most adequate solutions and improve performance.Eradicate any problem in 8 simple stages and quickly decide on what actions need to be taken.The 8D or "8 disciplines" method was invented by the Ford Motor Company in the 1980s and consists of 8 stages designed to find the appropriate and sustainable solutions to a problem.Follow the stages one by one when a problem arises and prevent it re-occurring in the coming days, weeks or months.Use the 8D Template to eradicate defects once and for all and to improve your collective performance.

The 8 steps to analyze all aspects of a problem and eradicate it for good

Resulting from the Japanese Kaizen approach, the 8D method or "8 disciplines" allows to react quickly when a dysfunction occurs.

Build the work group, define the problem, correct it, identify the root causes, qualify the solutions, measure the effectiveness of corrective actions, standardize the improvement actions, congratulate the work group: follow the 8D method by involving all the teams concerned by the problem, find the adequate solutions and promote continuous improvement.

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